Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training - Triple Your Money Back Guarantee


Question: Do I REALLY get 3x my money back if I don't see results???

Yes, really. Just show me PROOF you actually used my training during the first month.

Plus give me your word of honor you are still unhappy with your progress after doing so.

What proof must you show me?

At least 10 videos (30 minutes each), showing you practicing any part of what I teach in the first session of Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

The first of these videos must also include you practicing one thing you want to improve. The last one - show you playing that same thing after (approximately) 1 month.

I also expect you to ask questions if you are stuck, so I can see you are making an effort to practice what I teach. Plus do basic stuff, like: log in to your account to access the content and watch the video trainings inside.

If you actually do all this - I see no reason why you wouldn't be very impressed by your progress. That's why I'm confident in putting so much of my own money on the line.

Note: I'm already cutting you slack by only asking for 10 videos in a 30-day period (that's 1 video per 3 days of practice!). And I rely on your honesty.

But if you aren't willing to do this, or think this is unreasonable - fine. Just don't buy my course and we can still be friends. 

And if it so happens you do all this and you are STILL unhappy, then yes - I will gladly refund 3x the price of your tuition.


Question: How do I get the refund?

You need a PayPal account to receive the refund (even if you paid for the course via credit card). If you don't have a PayPal account - create one.

Email your proof of using my course to me (see above) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell me your PayPal email address. I'll review your proof and take care of the rest.

There are zero exceptions to using PayPal - I don't care what your reason is. If you want to take me up on the guarantee - find a way to get access to a PayPal account or simply don't buy my course.


Note: this guarantee only applies to the first month. e.g. Don't expect to stay a member for a year and then retroactively get 3x your money back.

If you don't take me up on the guarantee in the 1st month, you forfeit it.

But, whether you use the guarantee or not, you can still cancel at any time.

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