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How To Practice Guitar In The Best Possible Ways Is The Starting Point To
Becoming The Guitar Player You Want To Be.  Learning How To Practice Guitar Perfectly Now Will Give You The Knowledge And Skills You'll Need And Benefit From For Life.

Learning how to practice guitar in the best ways possible will make all the difference in your guitar playing. The first thing you need to know about practicing guitar is that there is not only one 'best' way to practice guitar, there are many. Some people will tell you that there is only one correct way to practice guitar, that fallacy has been proven wrong again and again. Fact is, there are different guitar practice strategies designed for achieving different goals or solving different problems. What you really need to know is which of these guitar practice approaches is the best way to overcome specific challenges so that you can learn and master whatever it is that you want to play on your guitar.

There is a real 'secret' to becoming a great guitar player, but it's not hard to find (you are learning about it right now). The secret to how to practice guitar is simply knowing which guitar practice techniques to use for every guitar playing goal, challenge or problem. This website's one and only purpose is to educate you on exactly how to practice your guitar to reach any goal, overcome any challenge and solve any problem you may have now or in the future.



Guitar Practice Courses That Help You Make More Progress With Less Practice


Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training   Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training

My flagship course on how to make your guitar practice pay off, even if you have no natural talent and practice less than 1 hour per day.

It comes with almost unlimited feedback on your guitar technique and practicing, live video Q & A (Ask-Me-Anything) 2x per week and even 1-1 live video sessions to work on your guitar technique and practicing. Click here to find out more.

smasher   Speed Plateau Smasher

The world’s ONLY guitar speed course that guarantees you’ll get at least 20% faster within a week of using it… or I’ll teach you 1-1 for free until you do.

It comes with industry-first Done-FOR-You guitar practice, where you send me a lick you want to speed and I will literally practice it FOR you.

Then I film a personal video FOR you, pointing out the differences between your playing and mine. And it’s the world’s FIRST course where you see a top-level shredder actually PRACTICE building speed USING the method he teaches… IN REAL TIME! Learn more.

cleanser   Technique Cleanser

The world's first guitar course on how to "unwind" your bad habits and play guitar as if you had flawless technique all along.

It is the “playbook” I use when I fly in to teach at $3000-per-seat guitar technique seminars and help guitar players fix bad habits they’ve had for decades (often after just a few hours of training).

And it’s the exact process I use every time *I* need to fix *my own* bad habits and make drastic changes to my playing. Click here to find out more.

The Supreme Guide To Scales Mastery For Electric Guitar By Mike Philippov   The Supreme Guide To Scales Mastery For Electric Guitar

This course shows you how to practice scales, so you never get lost on the fretboard when you try to solo.
Plus: you’ll see how to go BEYOND just “playing scales” to create scale sequences (this is what lets you *use* fast scales in music without sounding like a robot).

This course lays it all out step by step, so you know what to do and how to do it. Learn more.

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