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Before you join Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training (RFGPT), a heads-up about the 1-1 Guitar Practice Support Hotline sessions:


Due to a spike in demand – my earliest 1-1 time slot (at the time I write this) is in August 2024.


(By now it could be even later, as I expect people to continue joining even despite this warning.)


So, what that means for you is:


1. You can still join the program (and get on the waiting list for a 1:1 session ASAP).


2. You’ll still get the Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training course (obviously) and can join in on the group Ask-Me-Anything sessions 2x per week (at 8am EST on Wednesdays and 9pm EST on Fridays) where you can ask me questions and get live video feedback from me.


Plus: you get to see the recordings of almost every 1-1 session I've ever done with RFGPT students and learn from those.


3. I'm available to you via email. (You can send me videos of your playing and I’ll either reply to you via email and/or record a personal video for you – as needed.)


So, you’ll still get a ton of personal help from me as you go through the course.


That said, if people continue piling in and the waiting list of 1-1 spots only keeps getting longer, I’ll do the only sensible thing to limit demand, which is to:


Permanently Jack Up The Monthly Price!



Bottom line:


If you’re ok with waiting for a 1-1 session – join now and get rewarded for your patience by getting in at the current (lower) price.


And the longer you remain a member – the more the monthly savings will add up.


Or join later when the price could well be higher, but the waiting list is likely to be shorter.


Your call.


Either way, you’ve been warned.


(Or if you want a 1-1 session NOW and can afford my normal $250/hour rate – email me and we’ll set one up sooner.)


To join RFGPT now, click the link below:


I'm ok with waiting and want to join Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training now.

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