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You're Only One Click Away From Making More Progress With Less Guitar Practice.

Here’s everything you get immediate access to when you join us inside Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training today:

  • Guitar Practice Wisdom - So You Can Practice Like The Naturally Talented.
  • Bad Habit Guitar Technique Cures - Untie The Knot Of Your Guitar Playing Challenges & Bad Habits.
  • Killer Guitar Technique Video Training - Your Video Guide On What To Do And What NOT To Do When You Practice.
  • Perfect Practice Training - Install Perfect Practice Into Your Brain & Hands.
  • Guitar Practice Support Hotline - Live 1-1 Coaching, Training And Q & A  with Mike Philippov
  • Live Video Feedback On Your Guitar Playing And Practicing.
  • 30-Day (Conditional) Triple Your Money Back Guarantee.

Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training Case Studies:

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"In the past I would play guitar, then in frustration I would stop, then start again, then stop. Progress was slow and there were frustrating setbacks. Today, my daily practice sessions are totally different. I know exactly what I am going to do each session and why. They are actually shorter, but much more focused than ever before. Best of all, it's more fun, because I am totally confident I will make continuous progress."
- Mark Prozaki, USA


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