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Guitar Practice Expert Mike Philippov Brings You
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…and play guitar as if you had flawless technique all along.


Hi - Mike Philippov here.  

This course is the “playbook” I use when I fly in to teach at $3000-per-seat guitar technique seminars…


… where I help guitar players fix bad habits they’ve had for decades (often after just a few hours of training).


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$3000-per-seat guitar technique seminars. Yep. ☝️ They exist.


It’s based on the very same methods my Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training students are using to play at speeds they never thought they could reach.





And it’s the exact process I use every time *I* need to fix *my own* bad habits and make drastic changes to my playing, like:

  • Undo one of the worst cases of fretting hand finger independence (flailing fingers) you’ve ever seen.

    My fretting hand technique was so bad, I had to design a brand-new method for fixing it after exhausting all the usual suspects (practicing "slooooowly", trying to make my fingers stronger, doing trills and finger independence drills). None of that crap worked.


  • Switch between directional and alternate picking, not once – but TWICE.

  • Overhaul my picking motions after 20 years of playing to add an extra 70-90 notes per minute to my top-end speed.
  • (Mind you - that was *after* my technique was at a high level already. Which meant: I had to fight much harder for much smaller gains. And I had to *really* know what I'm doing for it to even be worth it.)


    The course I'm offering you on this page shows how my students and I are achieving these results…


    …and how you can potentially do it too.


    I call it:


    Technique Cleanser


    And don't worry – it doesn't cost $3000 like some of the high-end guitar technique seminars I teach at.


    It doesn't even cost 1/3 of that ($1000).


    Technique Cleanser sells for about as much as an entry level guitar


    …a much more affordable $350. (One-off payment.)


    Which – admittedly – is *still* very expensive for a mere “guitar course”.


    But if you’ve practiced guitar every day for years and still can’t play even close to the way you want to…


    It Could Well Be The Best Investment You Make Into Your Guitar Playing This Year.


    Here is why:


    Typical “guitar lessons” bury you with exercises, but leave you in the dark about “how” to practice them.

    (Except for the obligatory advice to: “start slow”, “be relaxed” & “use good technique”. Wow - genius, right?)…


    Technique Cleanser, on the other hand, helps you to...


    “Audit” Your Technique For Bad Habits And “Unwind” Them - Like They Never Existed.


    And this skill is insanely useful not *only* for “undoing bad habits”, but also for:


    - building speed & accuracy (because it’s kinda hard NOT to play faster when you make your technique more efficient, agreed?)


    - playing all the guitar licks, songs and solos you’re struggling to play right now (ditto about optimizing your technique).


    - making your playing more consistent (so you can play at or close to your best, even under pressure).


    Watch this quick video to see an example of what I mean by that ☝️ last point:



    Point is:


    This Is An “Evergreen” Method For Improving Your Guitar Technique, Practically On Command


    And here is the best part:


    - You DON’T have to practice guitar 4+ hours per day, or anything even close to that. (In fact, as I’ll teach you in Technique Cleanser: if you’re working on your bad habit for more than 15 minutes at a time – you’re doing it wrong.)


    - You DON’T have to put the rest of your guitar playing on hold for months until you fix 1 bad habit. That is pure madness. You *can* keep getting better with all your other skills in the meantime.


    - You DON’T have to wait for months & months to see results. In *most* cases, you can see definite signs of progress on day 1 of working on a bad habit. (Although sometimes it could take a few days or even weeks for the bad habit to vanish completely. It all depends.)


    As you’ll see in the course:


    Undoing Bad Habits Is NO Different Than Learning Anything Else On Guitar


    It’s simply a problem-solving skill few guitar players ever discover.


    And once *you* have even a basic grasp of this skill… it becomes almost impossible not to notice your playing improve.


    Here is a quick example of what I'm talking about (in the video below I explain how I quickly fixed a student’s 6-week-long problem in 4 minutes):



    Plus: here is something else most guitar players don’t realize about fixing bad guitar technique habits:


    The MORE Bad Habits You Have, The Better You’ll Play Once You Set Technique Cleanser To Work For You.


    And it’s pretty easy to see why when you think about it:


    When you’re a great player, your technique flaws are so tiny, it’s hard to even *notice* them.


    That's why it often takes weeks of intense focus to improve your technique even a little bit when you're already very good.


    But if your technique is riddled with bad habits from years of teaching yourself?


    Then most of your problems involve the "big stuff". (e.g. how you sit, how you fret notes, basic picking mechanics, excess tension control, etc.)


    So, they're easy to spot.


    They're (relatively) easy to focus on.


    And because of this...


    Problems Like That ☝️ Don’t Take All That Long To Fix!


    So, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it for you to even try to fix your bad habits now...


    ... you may just be the perfect candidate for this course.




    Lemme Show You What You’re Getting Inside Technique Cleanser:


    The format is all video.


    And the videos are split into 3 parts:


    Part 1: “Auditing” Your Guitar Technique For Bad Habits.


    Most guitarists drive themselves crazy, because they don’t have a simple way to look at their playing & tell:


    - what *is* a bad habit and what *isn’t*.


    - which bad habits are ok to “ignore” and which ones you gotta fix ASAP.


    In this part of the course, I show you an easy way to answer those ☝️questions.


    And my unique method for doing that is called:


    The “Schema” Secret Of Damn-Near Flawless Guitar Technique


    This is a radically different way of looking at guitar technique from anything you’ve ever seen before.


    (How do I know? This concept is 100% my own invention – that’s how.)


    In a nutshell…


    …I show you how I break down “intimidating” guitar techniques (like scales, scale sequences and arpeggios) into tiny motion fragments, called …


    “Schema Patterns”.


    There are good schema patterns (they make your playing feel easy)…


    …and bad schema patterns (they make your playing feel hard).


    "Bad habits" happen when you learned some bad schema patterns without realizing it.


    But fear not…


    Because once you know how to spot bad schema patterns in your technique (I’ll teach you how in this course)…


    You Can Easily Tell “At A Glance” What Bad Habits Are Stopping You From Playing As Well As You Want.


    And after you know what your bad habits are and what’s causing them, you’re ready for:


    Part 2. The “Technique Cleanser” Way Of Unwinding Bad Habits From Your Playing


    This is how you’ll go from bad habits (and their schema patterns) having a vice-like grip over your technique…


    … to playing with more freedom, more control, more accuracy and yes… more speed than you ever thought possible.


    And doing it faster than you could have imagined.


    In this part of the course, I train you on:


    • An easy way to find the exact metronome tempo you should fix most bad habits at. (Yes, I mean the *precise* BPM number for *you*. Plus: what to do with it once you find it.)


    • How to fix bad habits when you also need to practice a ton of other things and your practice time is very limited.


    • What to do if you slow down as much as you can, but nothing changes in your bad habit.


    • An easy way to get a fast “win” with ultra-severe bad technique habits that usually take weeks to fully fix. (I show this with an action scene from a famous Sylvester Stallone movie.)


    • What to do if your bad habit “respawns” the moment you stop working on it. (Bad news: this IS going to happen. Good news: I gotcha. Just do what I say and you’ll be fine.)


    • The secret to fixing bad habits with mindless noodling. (I joke you not. I really do mean “mindless”. And I do mean “noodling”.)


    • How to quickly “finish off” stubborn bad habits that are “almost there, but not quite” using the magic of context-expanding variations. (Strangely, the more you struggle to concentrate for long periods of time – the better this works.)


    • How to “introduce” your new habit into your normal playing, WITHOUT “starting slow and speeding up 1-2 bpm at a time”.


    • 5 “nuclear option” tactics to use if you’ve done all you can to fix a bad habit, but nothing seems to work.


    • The best way to practice when you have MULTIPLE bad habits.


    • A (super practical and not AT ALL “woo-woo”) way to use visualization to fix bad habits and build guitar speed AWAY from your guitar.


    Bottom line is:


    I Packed This Course To The Gills With Every Strategy, Tip, Insight And Secret You’re Gonna Need To Put Your Bad Habits In The Rearview Mirror.


    Mind you, undoing your bad habits WILL take effort.


    It WILL take time. (Most bad habits take a matter of a few weeks to undo.)


    And it WILL take focus.


    But *if* you do what I tell you…


    You’ll finally stop describing yourself as “I'm just not a fast player” – like it’s a personality trait. (Because you’ll know exactly what to do GET fast af, if you want to put in the work.)


    You’ll stop envying great guitarists on YouTube, because you’ll now be free to get just as good as them, given enough time.


    And as a unique side benefit:


    You’ll Understand Mechanics Of Guitar Technique On A Level Most Guitar Players (And Even Guitar Teachers) Only Dream About.


    And speaking of guitar teachers…


    If *you* teach guitar (or plan to teach guitar) - understanding “guitar technique schemas” makes you scary good at helping your students fix their bad habits.


    This Is A Big Reason Why Even Seasoned Guitar Teachers Are Buying My Courses To Get Better At Teaching *Their* Students How To Practice.




    But we ain’t done yet…


    Because you’re also getting:


    Part 3: The Technique Cleanser Video Vault Of “Real-Life” Bad Habits With My Feedback On How To Fix Each One


    Here is what it’s all about:


    When you buy Technique Cleanser, you get a bonus I call: “1-Video Lifeline”


    Which means:


    You Can Send Me 1 Video Of Your Playing And I’ll Tell You Which Bad Habits Are Holding You Back The Most.


    (You don’t need any special camera for this – just use your smartphone.)


    And yes, I’ll *personally* reply to your video (via email). It won’t be some assistant or VA from India doing it.


    This is included with your purchase of Technique Cleanser.


    As more people send me their videos, I’ll pick the ones that show specific bad habits most clearly.


    And after I explain what exactly the person needs to change in their technique...


    I'll include my response into the vault for you (and everyone else who buys the course) to study and learn from.


    The more examples you see of various bad habits "in the wild", the easier it is to spot *your own* bad habits (and fix them).


    Plus: you get to see me explain the same things in different ways. (Which gives you more clarity on nuances of technique you may have missed.)


    Note: your video may or may not make it into the vault.


    I'll only use the videos that I think will help everyone inside. (Vs. just burying you with extra videos to watch for the sake of it.)


    But you’ll see the breakdowns of every video I *do* include into the Technique Cleanser vault.


    And I WILL reply to you about *your* video, whether or not I use it for the vault.

    (If you want *ongoing* live video coaching and in-depth training on every aspect of your practicing and technique – you can get it inside Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.)


    So, I think that oughta do it to help you decide if you want this course or not.


    Again, it’s $350.


    Not cheap – I realize that.


    On that note...


    Do NOT Buy Technique Cleanser, IF:


    1. You measure value in "hours of content”.


    This is not a long course. It runs about 2.5 hours. So, you’ll likely get through it in one sitting.


    (Although you’ll probably want to watch it many times to fully absorb it... because I packed A LOT of info into these 2.5 hours.)


    About 60% of Technique Cleanser is me teaching over Keynote slides. The rest - me demonstrating with my guitar what you need to do to fix your bad habits.


    All this could be a VERY good thing if you want a course that gets straight to the point, delivers exactly what it promises and lets you start fixing your bad habits (and playing better) ASAP.


    Or it could be a horrible deal if you must have "a ton of content" to feel like you got your money's worth.


    All depends on what you consider valuable.


    2. You want “guitar lessons” or need help with “what to practice”.


    This course ain’t that. There is not a single “guitar lick”, “tab” or “thing to play” in it.


    (But if you want me to recommend a guitar teacher for you, email me.)


    3. You're expecting a plug & play solution custom-tailored to every one of your guitar technique problems.


    First, there is no such thing as a “paint-by-number” way to fix bad habits on guitar.


    And there is no way for me to cover every single bad habit that can possibly exist in a 2.5-hour course.


    What I'm giving you in Technique Cleanser is a *system*.


    A system that works for anyone who uses it and fine-tunes it to make it work for them.


    But heads up:


    You're going to need to think for yourself to apply the strategies to your situation.


    If you don't understand what this ☝️ means, don't think you can do this or don't wan't to do this - don't buy.

    (Or buy Technique Cleanser together with Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training where you'll get all kinds ongoing help from me on your specific guitar practice/technique challenges.)


    4. You have no clue who I am and you stumbled on this page by accident.


    This should be self-explanatory.


    (Watch my YouTube videos and read my daily emails to get to know me first.)


    Tip: If you can't stand my teaching style (and my sense of humor) from my YouTube videos and emails…


    …then you’ll probably also struggle to get much value from Technique Cleanser and should NOT buy it.



    If You Said “Yes” To Any Of These ☝️, This Course Ain’t For You.


    Not yet, at least.




    If Technique Cleanser is a big financial stretch for you, but you really-really want it – just save $1 per day and you’ll afford it in less than 1 year.


    (Anybody can save $350 for something they really want, agreed?)


    Either way, please THINK through your purchase and don’t buy on impulse.


    Especially because:


    All Sales Are Final And There Is No Money-Back Guarantee.


    But if you want it now, here is the button to order:


    Gimme Technique Cleanser!

    Still reading, huh?


    Lemme guess – you have some questions. Here is what you may be wondering:


    Do I need this if I'm already in Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training (RFGPT)?


    It depends. If you must choose between staying in RFGPT and buying Technique Cleanser, stay in RFGPT.


    That said, much of what's in Technique Cleanser is brand new and (unless you regularly come to the AMA sessions that are part of your RFGPT membership) are NOT covered in Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.


    So, if you love how I teach and want to learn as much as possible from me about practicing (and you can afford the investment) - then you'll get a lot out of Technique Cleanser.


    Plus: if you teach guitar (or plan to) – this will be especially valuable to you. 


    Because you can use the process I lay out in the course to help *your* students improve faster and put other guitar teachers in your area to shame. 


    What if I don’t want to play fast?


    Doesn't matter. Technique Cleanser is about making your technique more efficient, so you can play whatever you want accurately, consistently and reliably.


    Speed is a byproduct of that.☝️ So, you’ll have speed whether you want it or not.


    But if you don’t want to play fast, then I dunno – just… don’t play fast?


    What if I can’t send you the video right away?


    Doesn't matter. You can send me your video at any point after buying Technique Cleanser. Even 5 years from now.


    How advanced do I need to be to use Technique Cleanser?


    You could use it at any level.


    That said, if you haven’t been playing for at least 6 months – you likely don’t have any serious bad habits yet. (Get actual guitar lessons first.)


    You’ll get the most out of this course if you’ve been playing for awhile and *know* you’ve got bad habits to undo. (Simply because you’ll be more likely to use it.)


    My bad habits are so unique/severe/deeply-rooted. Is it possible this course “won’t” help me?


    Well, anything is possible.


    But I’ve yet to see a bad habit so bad I couldn't fix it.


    I suggest watching my free YouTube videos and applying the tips I give there to your playing. If they help you - the course goes way deeper into everything I talk about on YouTube.


    What if I have Focal Dystonia, RSI, carpal tunnel, a missing finger or some other hand injury/medical condition?


    This course will NOT help you with any of these issues.


    Technique Cleanser is about changing bad habits in your muscle memory – not about recovering from injuries.


    You need to be able to play guitar normally to get full benefit from it.


    That said, you *will* learn a ton about guitar practice and technique development.


    So, if you want to use the course *on top* of getting medical treatment for your hand injuries – you can.


    What if I have other questions?


    Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let’s talk.


    Otherwise, here is where to order:


    Gimme Technique Cleanser!

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