Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training

If you play guitar & often yell:


rfgpt img ...bring me your worst guitar challenges, bad habits & problems.

I bet green money I can help you fix them.

And the sooner we start - the less time it will take.

rfgpt img

Dear guitar player,

If you want to:

  • make a heck of a lot more progress almost every time you touch your guitar…

  • eliminate much of the frustration you feel about your playing right now…

  • and do it without spending more time practicing...

…the page you are reading can show you how.

And I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Here is the deal:

I created a (rather pricey) program called:

Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training

What it does, is show you a simple way to erase bad habits, level-up your technique and solve “impossible” guitar playing problems.

Sometimes in just 1 practice session.

Problems like:

speed plateaus, lack of consistency, poor accuracy, sloppy playing and the general feeling of “slow progress”.

As well as a boatload of actionable strategies, methods, techniques, tricks and ideas designed to:

Move The Needle On Your Guitar Playing -
Often The Very First Time You Use Them!

But before you read further or get too excited, know this:
  • If you are not practicing at least 30 minutes a day, this training program will NOT work for you. What I teach IS simple. But it won’t work unless you do. (I don’t believe in quick fixes or miracle cures.)


  • This ain’t “guitar lessons”. Meaning: if you want help with music theory, improvising or songwriting or need “things to practice”, this is not the program for you.
    • That said...

      Here is how this training transformed my guitar playing:

      And here are the results my guitar practice clients are getting.
      Check out a few of my before & after case studies:

      And while I can't "guarantee" you the same results...

      If You *Do* What I Teach & Don’t
      Feel Noticeably Better In 30 Days…
      I’ll Give You TRIPLE Your Money Back.

      rfgpt img

      But more on this later.

      First, who the heck am I?

      My name is Mike Philippov.

      rfgpt img

      And in late 2002, I was 15 years old - working hard on my guitar playing.

      I was socially awkward & afraid to talk to girls. And I thought getting good at guitar would allow me to "fit in".

      That's why I practiced 5 hours per day & spent every spare dollar I had on guitar books & instructional videos.

      There was just one (rather embarrassing) problem:

      My Progress Was So Slow, I Feared I’d Need
      9 Lives To Ever Play Like My Guitar Heroes!

      I thought:

      “If that’s my progress when I practice 5 hours a day, what’s gonna happen when I become an adult and get a real job???”

      The worst part was: I didn't have much to show for all that practice time. I wasn't improving much faster than my guitar playing friends who practiced a fraction of the time I did!

      Then one day, I decided to try something different.

      Something my parents, my brother and my friends tried REALLY HARD to talk me out of. They said I was NUTS.

      I Decided To Spend Thousands Of Dollars &
      Travel 587 Miles For Some Very Expensive
      Guitar Lessons!

      The teacher was a Jazz shredder and he spoke with a Brazilian accent. And I found him on a guitar forum I was reading at the time.

      And the way he talked about practicing was way different from anything I’ve ever heard before. It went totally against the grain. And as I later discovered – it was all backed by hard science.

      I really wanted to pick his brain for a few hours.

      Too bad he lived 587 miles from me. And his fee?

      A jaw-dropping $200 per hour.

      My parents thought I was INSANE to send money to a random guy I found on the internet.

      mike food rest

      But I made up my mind.

      I got a job flipping burgers after school.

      And convinced my parents to drive me across the country.

      mike food rest

      So, what happened?

      I discovered a new way to practice I’ve never seen or heard anyone talk about.

      A practice method based on:

      • Thinking like Sherlock Holmes – where you look at the “clues” of your guitar playing mistakes & backtrack to find their causes.

        This was in stark contrast to how I used to practice:

        - mindlessly repeating licks over & over

        - looking for exercises to develop this or that skill

        - hoping more practice time would fix all problems. (And freaking out when I didn’t have as much time to practice as I wanted.)

      • Rapid Brain Reprogramming – a way to erase bad habits and replace them with new & better ones.

        I learned how our guitar technique is totally malleable. And whatever habits you have today, can become new habits in just a few weeks of proper practice.

        The theory was: you can train your brain and your hands the way you train a dog to sit and follow commands.

      • Simplified Guitar Bio-Mechanics – where you focus like a laser on just a handful of key elements. (While ignoring the ones that cause “paralysis by analysis”.)

      My first reaction after learning all this stuff?

      “Holy Cow! This Is Night & Day Different
      From Anything I’ve Ever Tried
      Or Even Heard About Before!”

      The downside?

      This kind of practicing took a lot of mental effort.

      After just 4 hours – my brain was melting and I felt like taking a nap.

      On my way back home, my brain was on fire and my hands were shaking. I felt like...

      I Uncovered The Secret To Becoming A Guitar Genius!

      So, I decided to go all-in with this practice approach & use it on all my guitar playing problems.

      Did it work? You betcha!

      Within just weeks (during my last year of high school), I:

      • Fixed a nagging finger independence issue in my fretting hand. (And as expected - felt a near-instant boost in speed & accuracy.)
      • Slashed my practice time from 5 hours to 30-60 minutes a day. Not because I disliked practicing. I just wanted to see what would happen when I practiced a lot less. The result was a sigh of relief. I saw that I wouldn't have to practice my life away to make gains, like I once feared.
      • Stopped obsessing over technique and started focusing on playing (and writing) music.

        (This was a BIG DEAL. I used to put off working on musical skills until I “mastered technique”. But now that I knew I could improve my technique anytime I wanted, I became more patient.)

      • Stopped getting sweaty palms when others asked me to play for them.
      • Stopped feeling like I should be a better guitar player than I was, given all the time I spent practicing.
      • Became the guy other guitar players in my high school (who played much longer than me) turned to for help. Admittedly, this isn't all that impressive by itself. But the sweet irony of "cool" high school kids seeking help from a nerdy recluse, who always sat at the back of the class and rarely talked to anybody, wasn't lost on me.

        And when I casually (and somewhat reluctantly) gave them tips on technique & practicing, their usual reaction was an excited mix of "WTF?" & "What magic is this?"

      In short, from that moment on:

      I Never Struggled To Improve
      My Guitar Playing Again!

      I still had to practice of course. But practicing became fun. And progress became as predictable, as my next inhale & exhale. I started to finally enjoy playing guitar the way I always wanted.

      How I play today:

      What happened next?

      In 2012, started posting guitar practice videos online.

      That’s when I realized:

      Many guitarists couldn’t get enough of the practice methods I was sharing:


      And I was flown in to speak at guitar practice events (where guitarists paid $2000-3000 per seat) about guitar technique & proper practice mechanics:

      rfgpt img 2 rfgpt img 2 rfgpt img 2

      This brings me to how I can help you inside:

      Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training

      As already mentioned: this program is more expensive than most other things you see online.

      (Most guitarists come to me AFTER trying all the free/cheaper ways to learn about practicing. And if you are at all unsure you want my help - I suggest you do the same.)

      Also, it’s in no way a magic bullet or something you can buy today and play like a rock star tomorrow.

      To help you decide if it’s or you, here is a preview of what you’ll discover inside:

      A slacker-friendly fix for: “having hundreds of guitar exercises to choose from, but still not knowing what to practice”. Plus: how to tell if an exercise you found is worth practicing (or if you can very safely ignore it).

      My “borderline-unfair” 1000+ note-per-minute picking speed shortcut, so controversial - some guitarists I taught it to have flat out REFUSED to use it! But if you want an easier way to build your picking chops – here it is.

      How to use micro goals to “fake” discipline & make weekly (sometimes daily) progress on goals that normally take years to reach.

      The "Guitar Genius" way to create practice schedules & make maximum gains with minimum overwhelm.
      The #1 mistake almost everyone makes during slow practice that SUFFOCATES your progress. If you ever wondered why slow practice hasn't worked for you like everyone promised it would - this is probably why.

      My go-to way to make hard chord changes easy. Works like a charm if you have played for years & your playing is riddled with bad habits. (But if you haven’t played for long, you can use it too.)

      Exactly how long to practice something before moving on. Sometimes you make more progress faster by leaving skills half-baked and moving on to practice something else. And other times - it's better to do the opposite. Here is how to know the difference.

      What to do if your bad habits "respawn" as soon as you stop focusing on them. Your best weapons are: “mental intention” & “carryover”. Use them the way I teach and you almost can’t lose.

      How to “judo flip” zero practice time into guitar gains. I tested this when my parents took my guitar away to motivate me to do better in school. The result? This is now a secret guitar practice weapon for me and my guitar practice clients. Thank you, Mom and Dad :)

      A “nuclear option” fix for almost any guitar playing problem. Warning: Practicing this way is NOT fun. (That may be why almost nobody teaches this.). But it may just be THE solution when nothing else works.

      A progress-destroying mistake guitar players make when they take breaks during practice. Many "gym rats" make the same mistake in the gym & kill their muscle gains. Here is what to do about it.

      “Bare-bones” ways to have almost anything you practice make you a better guitar player.

      A 2-minute-per-day strength training drill (popular with prison inmates) that turns your picking hand into a machine gun. It’s the ONLY strength drill I recommend you do. Your friends may laugh if they see you do it. But watch their faces after you finish playing.

      How to trick your brain to be more focused, even on the most boring exercises. (I can’t promise you’ll never lose focus again. But if you do what I say, feel a noticeable difference you will.).
      5 words that tell you almost instantly if you are making progress or wasting your time.

      Let's take a break here. Think about the world's best guitar players for a moment.

      Guitarists like:

      Eddie Van Halen Gary Moore Stevie Ray Vaughn
      Paul Gilbert Steve Vai Randy Rhoads
      Guthrie Govan Yngwie Malmsteen Andy James
      Rusty Cooley John Petrucci Marty Friedman
      Jason Becker Jeff Loomis Andy Timmons
      Frank Gambale Joe Satriani Eric Johnson
      Vinnie Moore Al DiMeola Steve Morse

      We all know they practice(d) a lot. (Remember Steve Vai's 10-hour guitar workout?)

      But here is something you may not know:

      Their practice time didn’t make them great. Their “RPM” did.



      RPM stands for: “Results Per Minute” (of guitar practice).

      When Paul Gilbert, EVH, John Petrucci or Steve Vai practice - they get better by the minute. This means they improve whether they practices for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

      That’s because their practice “RPM” is as high as it can be.

      Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and others - all practice VERY differently from 99.99% of guitar players.

      If your RPM was as high as theirs - YOU would play just like them (given enough time).

      YOU would be free to play anything you want on guitar. And YOU be admired by anyone who hears you play.

      If Yngwie, Petrucci or Van Halen had your RPM - they would play just like you.

      And that’s why, my #1 goal is to enable all members of Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training to:

      Do An Hour Of “Needle-Moving”
      Guitar Practice In 10-15 Minutes!

      What I'm basically saying is:

      You can practice for 10 minutes, but improve like most people do after an hour.

      Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

      Maybe even impossible.

      But is it really THAT hard?

      Let’s take just 3 things most waste an abysmal amount of time on:

      1. Warming up mindlessly for 5-15 minutes.

      2. Ignoring your picking hand, like it’s panhandling you for money.

      3. Practicing dozens of exercises, each one working on 1 skill at a time.

      If all I did was help you turn warm up time into progress time, (i.e. get better while you warm up)…

      …plus showed you how your picking hand was holding you back in ways you never imagined

      … and taught you focus rotation, so 1 exercise made you better in 4-6 areas at the same (without your brain melting).

      Guess what?

      Your progress rate just compounded. Maybe not by 600% yet, but it’s an example of what boosting your RPM (results per minute) looks like.

      And we are not done yet. No sir.

      Here are more guitar practice secrets waiting for you inside:

      A step-by-step process for getting your guitar skills back after a long break (without getting injured). This means you can stop feeling guilty when you miss practice sessions or don’t practice for awhile.

      What snipers can teach you about undoing bad guitar playing habits without pulling your hair out. Use my "crosshairs" method to get the job done. (Works best for long-time habits you've had for years.) If you like step-by-step processes – this will tickle your brain.

      My personal secret that primes your brain for perfect practice before you even pick up your guitar. Best use it on your drive home from work right before you practice.

      How to solve “impossible” guitar playing problems by doing the opposite of what your gut tells you. This unusual tactic comes from an unlikely source: Warren Buffet’s business partner. But it’s almost scary how well it works for guitar.

      An exercise from NCAA's top coach that slowly sucks bad habits right out of your playing. The more skeptical you feel reading this, the more I want to see the look on your face after you do it.

      Why the “pinch to zoom” motion you routinely do on your phone is one of the secrets to more progress with less practice.

      How to do fast fretting hand shifts with near 100% accuracy, simply by changing where you look on the fretboard.
      The #1 guitar technique that ALWAYS makes you sound great, even when you are not playing fast.
      How to “jimmy” your hand to make hard stretches easy. (Even if you have sausage-like fingers.)

      I even reveal my amusing (true) story of nearly flunking ear training in college that:

      Gives You Hope -
      Even If You Weren't Born With Natural Talent

      Because let's face it:

      Most guitar teachers are: "people with natural talent who got really good, really fast".

      That's because most guitarists without natural talent give up before they become great. (And only few of the ones who stick with it, start teaching.)

      And you know what's really ironic (and sad)?

      Most guitar students are: struggling guitar players without natural talent.

      Are you seeing the problem now?

      Naturally talented guitarists don't know what it's like to “not be talented”.

      That's why they can't relate to you. To your frustrations. To your challenges. Or to the bad habits that suffocate your guitar playing.

      Scientists call it: “The Curse Of Knowledge”.

      The Curse Of Knowledge

      One Harvard Physics Professor wrote about: “the tendency for those who’ve long mastered a topic to forget how hard it is to understand the topic when approaching it for the first time.”

      In plain English: the best players are often poor teachers.

      Because practicing guitar with natural talent is like taking an exam & looking at the answer key.

      And how can someone who has answer sheets to every exam relate to you – the person who actually has to study?

      If you’ve ever bought instructional products by your favorite players, you’ve likely felt this yourself.

      That’s why, the best teachers are the ones who struggled to learn just like you.

      The ones who made all the mistakes and know what works and what doesn’t work.

      And they are the ones who can:

      Reverse Engineer Natural Talent &
      Retroactively “Install” It Into Your Hands

      Want even more gooey guitar genius goodness? Because I got more.

      Behold these nuggets of guitar practice gold that can be yours, if you choose:

      An endurance-boosting trick boxers use in training you can “legally steal” & wave bye-bye to picking hand cramps when you play rhythm guitar.

      The “dumb eager beaver” syndrome: how your body tries to “help” you play better, but ends up hurting you instead. Here's how to fix it.

      How listening to your own sloppy recordings can make you a better guitar player. (If you know “what” to listen for.)

      How to use tremolo picking to clean up your sweep picking. (And create scary-sounding licks as you do it.)

      A long list of “brainstormed for you” ways to practice that can boost your creativity the 1st time you try them!

      Why playing scales (or arpeggios) in one direction sometimes feels way faster & cleaner than the other… and how to fix it.

      What I (and every great guitar player I know) do when something is really hard to play and I’m in a hurry to learn it FAST.

      What critical guitar skill to AVOID practicing with the guitar in your hands. (Especially if your time is limited.) Here’s how to work on it instead.

      How to get better without a guitar in your hands & (literally) make more progress sitting on the toilet than most guitar players do after practicing for an hour.
      My own twist on the “Valsalva maneuver” (breathing technique used by powerlifters) that shocks your body into becoming more relaxed. Note: this is completely safe for 99.99% of people and it can make you play better almost instantly. But DO check with your doctor before trying this.
      100% “unsexy”, but bulletproof way to master that pesky “inside picking” motion. Inside picking scares most guitar players (even those who already play fast). Here is how to make it feel easy and...

      Build A Rock-Solid Base For Playing Guitar As Fast, Clean & Accurately As You Want.

      Let’s zoom in on this for a moment:

      If you ask 9 out of 10 guitar players a simple question: “what is guitar speed?”, you’ll hear some version of:

      “Speed = moving your hands fast” or “speed = playing fast notes”.

      That’s like calling money “paper”. Wildly misleading & useless.

      The real definition of guitar speed? It’s a result. Speed is a result of:

      • Efficiency (biomechanics in both hands)
      • Proper practice methods
      • Ability to hear notes at high speed

      Master all 3 & you’ll have as much speed as your heart desires.

      But if you neglect 1 or more of these elements - too bad. You'll have better luck licking your elbow than playing guitar fast.

      And guess what?

      Inside Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training, I cover all 3 pillars of guitar speed in exhaustive detail. And if you follow what I teach & train you to do...

      It Becomes Almost Impossible For
      Your Speed Not To Increase!

      Especially when we dive brain & fingers deep into topics like:

      How to play faster without slow practice. Use Speed Bursts, Spot Checking & Isometric Seesaw to shatter your speed plateaus. (Tip: Do these in moderation if you don't want to shred.).

      The “fly-on-a-megaphone” mistake that makes building speed way harder than it should be. Good news is, if you can do basic math, you can fix it in a few seconds.

      How to “snipe” your mistakes, one by one, from a blur of fast notes. If you’re easily bored by slow practice – you’ll love this.

      The exact “cheat sheet” I used to build my picking technique as a left-hander playing righty. Because of my “handedness”, picking didn’t feel natural to me at all. I worked ‘extra’ hard to pick fast. I’ve since wrapped my hard-gained wisdom into an almost idiot-proof system I routinely use to help other guitar players play fast too.

      The “elephant drill" for getting that “baseball card in bicycle spokes” picking sound. Did you know an elephant can feel a fly land on its back? No? Then you probably also don't know what this little fact can do to your pick attack (and speed).

      How to “slice & dice” any lick & clean up sloppy mistakes at your top speeds, even if you can’t see or hear where the mistakes are.

      6 precise ways to “rewire” a stiff, claw-like fretting hand & make fast, smooth runs feel nearly effortless.

      How NOT to use a metronome if you ever want to play fast. The more times you’ve tried to “start slow & gradually get faster”, the more urgent it is for you to hear this.

      When & why it not only “makes sense” to practice faster than your top speed, but sometimes - it’s the ONLY way to move the needle on your playing. And how to do it - step by step.

      Why some 8-year old girls routinely out-shred grown men (ain’t got a thing to do with “talent”).

      Why “forcing mistakes” can boost progress. (For example: "over-tensing" your body can help you learn what it's like to be relaxed.).
      The “rubber band secret” that can make sloppy 2-hand sync noticeably tighter and cleaner in as little as 20 minutes.
      How to quickly “audit” your body for excess tension and avoid the dreaded “hand fatigue”. There are 10 places in your body where excess tension constricts your technique & speed. Here is how to relax each one.

      True story:

      Back when I first learned about excess tension, I tried to do what everyone was advising and: “play with no tension”.

      But it never made any sense to me how this was even possible. After all, you use tension to lift your arm up, hold the pick and squeeze the strings.

      I also saw how all my favorite players were making their playing look easy.

      That’s when I tested my theories of “relative” tension, “hand independence”, “forced relaxation”.

      And I ended up with:

      “Left-Brain Friendly” Ways To Spot
      & Relax Excess Tension In Your Playing
      (Often In Just A Few Seconds).

      I teach them all inside Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training too.

      As well as:

      …Why finding & fix mistakes (without slowing down) can be as simple as playing with your eyes closed… How to make yourself immune to short-term progress lulls & not let them bother you. (Even if your playing goes backwards for a few weeks!)…

      ..What “delayed reaction” progress is & how it can blow up your playing.

      (Honest-to-God true story: I once taught some "delayed reaction" finger independence drills to a very frustrated, very skeptical & very impatient student. So he lashed out at me & cussed me out when what I taught him didn't seem to work right away. Only to…

      …Send Me A Gushing Email Full Of Apologies & Praise - Raving About His Progress 4 Days Later!

      Plus, even more brain candy, like:

      ...what to “feed” your brain between practice sessions to become a better (& smarter ) guitar player… What happens to your playing if you practice too much with a clean tone and the best way to fix it… A weird move I got from watching Paul Gilbert (how he moves his left elbow) that I now use as a barometer of excess tension.

      And we are STILL not done. Here are even more guitar practice gems I've cooked up for you:

      How one item in your bathroom can help you make more progress than years of guitar lessons. (No, it's not your toilet. :) )

      The absolute WORST way to fix bad habits that guitar players often waste time on.

      Why the utter idiocy of goal setting (like the so-called “SMART” method) is killing your progress. Here is a 100% practical way from a top negotiation expert to set & hit goals. (And how to use it for guitar.)

      Guitar Playing Success Formula: D * (WE + P + GI + Tr + CP) * T. Follow it every day and I almost guarantee you’ll play as well as you want.

      A bizarre (but effective) way to play just 1 note that gets your hands in sync, fixes your mistakes, relaxes excess tension and even makes your playing more expressive.

      "Adverse Conditions Simulation" for playing at your best in front of others. (Even if you are naturally shy.) You know how pilots train in flight simulators? This is like that – but for guitar players.
      What to do with your fretting hand thumb to (almost instantly) give yourself more speed & accuracy. I'm SHOCKED how few people know or talk about this. And nope - It’s not “putting the thumb behind the neck”.
      How to speed up your progress by thinking about Italian food. This I learned from my friend & master teacher Tom Hess. And the sooner you install this mindset into your playing, the sooner you:

      Start Making So Much Progress, Other Guitar Players May Demand To Know: “What The #!%^ Is Your Secret???”

      Ok, let’s get down to business:

      Here is how Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training works & everything you get each month:

      Every month you get a new Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training session in your account on my website.

      Each session consists of: 

      Part 1: Guitar Genius Wisdom. (Format: Audio. Length: 20-30 minutes).

      Go on a journey into the minds of the "naturally talented". Here I teach you all the secrets to perfect guitar practice. Then we rewire your brain to turn these secrets into the way you practice from now on.

      Listen to your training anywhere (online or offline). This makes the concepts stick in your brain & transforms how you practice guitar. 

      Part 2: Bad Habit Guitar Technique Cures (Format: Audio. Length: 20-25 minutes).

      Here you untie the knot of your guitar playing challenges & bad habits. I train you how to spot bad habits, identify their causes and fix them one by one.

      These cures work whether you’ve played guitar for 6 months or 30+ years. Just follow the simple steps.

      Part 3: Killer Guitar Technique Video Training (Format: Video. 2-3 videos per session @ 10-20 minutes per video.)

      Your video guide on what to do and what not to do when you practice. Learn what mistakes to avoid & what to focus on while practicing fast picking, arpeggios, legato, string skipping, position shifts, chord changes, vibrato & rhythm guitar.

      Already know how to do these techniques? Even better! I show you how to master them on a deeper level and play them better, faster, cleaner and more consistently. 

      Part 4: Perfect Practice Installation Training (Format: Audio. Length 10-60 minutes)

      Here we install the knowledge from Parts 1-3 into your brain.

      It works like this: you open an audio track with instructions for what & how to practice.

      As you practice, you hear me speaking to you, guiding you through the process. Every few minutes I tell you exactly what to pay attention to next, what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

      I guide you every step of the way & keep you focused on what to think about, pay attention to & listen for.

      This process installs perfect practice habits into you. 

      All of the above is “1 session” of Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. You get a new session every month.

      Plus: as a bonus (for active subscribers only), you get live video support directly from me:
      Live Video Guitar Practice Support Hotline - hop on a LIVE video call (1-1) with me and get:

      - INTERACTIVE LIVE TRAINING. 30-minutes of LIVE, INTENSE GUITAR PRACTICE TRAINING with me directly. Pure value - no fluff or filler. (Times are available to suit every time zone.) I'm available for up to 12 sessions per month (first-come, first-served).  - PERSONAL ACCESS TO ME. Guitarists pay $250 per hour to study with me (and fly thousands of miles to learn from me in person). You get 6 hours of my direct mentorship each month ($1200 value) for $FREE when you join Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

      As there is only 1 of me and new guitar players are joining every week, you may have to wait a few weeks after you join to have a 1-1 session with me .

      Spots come and go on a first-come, first-served basis.

      Making this very clear, in case this is a deal breaker for you.

      That said, the sooner you do join, the sooner you can get on the list for a 1-1 session.

      "Ask Me Anything" Live Video Sessions (Twice Per Week For 1 Hour Each Time) - hop on a LIVE (group) video call with me and get your questions answered live. No more hours spent searching online (and wondering if you have the right answer). And if you have urgent questions that can't wait for our 1-1 meeting, use these "Ask Me Anything" sessions to, well... ask me anything :).

      The cost for this program is $77 per month.

      But fear not - you can cancel at any time & for any reason. And do it immediately, without hassle, “cancelation fees” or any B.S.

      Now then: what is this whole: “triple your money back” guarantee thingamajig?


      If in 30 days you don’t feel like your playing has improved enough to make you happy (by your standards – not mine), just show me proof you used my training.

      When you do, I’ll promptly give you triple your money back.

      So if you pay $77 and take me up on the guarantee (i.e. show me proof you used my program) - you get $231 back from me.


      Note: this guarantee only applies to the first month.

      Yes, the proof I require is damn strict. I have to – with such a generous guarantee.

      And hey, I'm the one putting serious skin in the game to stand behind my product. All I ask of you is to simply use what you bought.

      Seems fair to me.

      But if you think this is unreasonable – simply don’t buy from me and it’s all good.

      On that note, you should also definitely NOT buy:

      • If you have trouble sticking to 30 minutes of practice every day. One thing I can’t do for you is hold you accountable. I expect you to do that yourself.

      • If spending $77 per month takes food off your dinner plate.

      • If you are easily overwhelmed when you try to learn something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and requires a bit of effort.

      • If you have any doubts about my ability to deliver high-quality guitar practice training. Same if you randomly ended up on this page and have no idea who I am… or...

      • If you are looking for a paint-by-number system that does all the work & thinking for you, without you having to think for yourself. (I've yet to find such a system.)
        • If that’s you - I suggest taking a pass on this offer. Or sign up for my free daily guitar practice tips) first and decide if my teaching style is for you or not.

          Either way – think this through and don’t buy “on impulse”.

          This is for ambitious guitar players only!

          But if you are ready, click the green button below to get started right now:

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          Yes, I Want In!

          Still Have Questions? 

          How Does This Work & What Exactly Do I Get?

          Answer: Click here to see all the details.

          Do You Offer A Free Trial Or Sample?

          Answer: My whole website and YouTube channel are one big sample :). Check out my articles & videos. Get on my mailing list and read my (free) daily email tips. Decide for yourself if you like what I have to say and how I explain things before signing up.

          Is It Easy To Cancel?

          Answer: Yep.

          That said, if this is your #1 question, you are probably still skeptical. If that's the case, I suggest not signing up just yet. Study my free resources and hop on my mailing list to read my daily guitar practice tips to make up your mind.

          Then jump in (if you choose to), with both feet - knowing it's something you really want.

          Why Don't You Offer A "Normal" 30-Day Money-Back (Or Similar) Guarantee Like "Everyone Else"?

          Answer: Because I only want to work with ambitious guitar players. The ones who are DAMN SERIOUS about making a dent in their playing. Who are going to take my training and use it (even if just for 30 minutes a day), expecting some results.

          If that's you - I bend over backwards to stand behind my product. I either help you get results, or I don't deserve your money. Thus - my uber-generous (albeit conditional) TRIPLE your money back guarantee.

          If you are someone who likes to "check things out" but never implement or commit to anything - this training won't work for you anyway.

          And if you were hoping to take a look at what's inside only to ask for a refund "within the 30-day window" (yes, there are many people like this) - I definitely don't want you "buying" anything from me.

          How Many Sessions Are In This Course?

          Answer: The number of sessions is not fixed. I am constantly updating the course to make it better for you.

          Plus, we are going to meet LIVE during guitar practice support hotline sessions. 

          You remain a member for as long as you want (and you can cancel at any time).

          Am I Ready For This Training?

          Answer: This course is not for total beginners. If you don't know any chords or scales & have never played guitar before, this course is not for you.

          If you are past this level, you are ready

          And remember, I will train you LIVE during guitar practice support hotline sessions to answer your questions, help you when you get stuck and hold your hand every step of the way.

          If your situation is unique and you are unsure, just email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's talk. 

          Does This Work For My Style?

          Answer: Yes, because good practice habits (the ones that make you better) are the same for every style.  

          Does This Work For Acoustic Guitar Playing?

          Answer: Yes, although I do not train you how to practice fingerpicking.

          Is Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training Customized For My Guitar Playing Level?

          Answer: Yes, here is how:

          1. You continue to practice everything you've already been practicing. The only thing that changes (and improves) is how you practice. This means you improve faster and master the music you want to play more quickly. This course is not guitar lessons. I won't throw new exercises at you that have nothing to do with the music you want to play.

          2. You have LIVE access to me during guitar practice support hotline to ask me any questions you want about your guitar playing or practicing. This means you won't be alone and I'm there to help you if you get stuck.

          (Have more questions? Contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


          See what some of my clients are saying:  

          "The genius thing about this course is that Mike is sitting down and analyzing every single little problem that your technique might have and then showing you the right and wrong ways of practicing. This way, you can instantly see improvement in literally a few minutes. It’s like having somebody in the room pointing out all your mistakes. While you are practicing guitar, Mike is reminding you what to think and what to do. It (Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training) is one thing that anybody needs to have in order to become a great player in a very short amount of time."

          - Tommaso Zillio, Canada
          progressive rock guitarist and teacher


          "Before I began Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training I was frustrated by my inability to play without mistakes in a consistent way. There was no way I could play in a reliable consistent way what ever I tried. Mikes strategies for this issue are simply outstanding. Practicing so I can play without tension has been absolutely revolutionary for my playing.

          Having a toolbox of strategies at my disposal to use to solve any problem and knowing how to practice has been great. Now I know the basics of what to do and what to do not. Having clear and consistent guides of what to do and what to avoid when working in my technique. This course has helped me in a way I can’t value since has resolved many things and make me approach guitar in a absolutely different as how I usually did. Eradicating frustration and hopelessness has no price. Thanks Mike."

          - Alan Ahrend Doreste, Spain


          "I learned to think like a true problem solver and solve my own problems when it comes to playing and practicing guitar.

          Throughout the Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training, I’ve learned how to focus on the details that matter and the details that make the change - the biggest change when it comes to practicing/playing guitar. 

          I’ve also been trained by Mike Philippov in a live setting and it’s also been quite the experience. I’ve had him analyze a portion of my playing and tell me a couple of issues that I have problems with. 

          One of the issues I had problems with was sweep picking and Mike taught me the concepts of rest strokes which I had no idea of and that was really helpful for me and it really cleaned up a lot in my playing & sweep picking and my directional picking."

          - Gottfrid Norberg Waxin, Sweden
          Professional Guitarist & Guitar Teacher


          "Mike’s Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training is a perfect companion to your guitar lessons, because it is showing you exactly how to go about training the things that you are learning on guitar, in the very best ways possible.

          This is not like some eBook giving you a few general guitar practice tips and then sending you on your way. It’s like Mike is in the room right next to you as you practice your guitar playing, only it’s on your time, in your own home, whenever it is convenient for you.

          With Mike’s Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training you are going to save time by being absolutely certain that you are practicing your guitar skills in the most efficient ways possible."

          - Simon Candy, Australia
          professional guitar teacher and musician


          "Guitar technique is only a means to an end - its prime goal is to become free and to express yourself fluently on the guitar. For you to become one with the music and express yourself fluently on the guitar, it would take one hell of a dedicated guitar teacher, to get you to focus on the right things at the right time. And that’s exactly what Mike has set up in this course. "

          - Antony Reynaert, Belgium
          blues guitarist and guitar teacher


          "My name is Mark. I'm 66 and I have been playing guitar on and off for over 50 years. Playing guitar has been both my greatest joy and most intense frustration. 

          A few months back I found out about Mike, checked out his website and his videos. After watching him play and absorbing his learning philosophy it became clear that the learning path I had been on all those years was never going to make me the guitarist I knew I could be.

          So I took the leap and invested in his monthly "sessions" as he calls them. So far I have been through 2 sessions and just starting the third. The results I have enjoyed over the last 2 months by just following his practice methods are easily beyond anything I could have accomplished just flailing around for a year or more on my own.

          In the past I would play guitar, then in frustration I would stop, then start again, then stop. Progress was slow and there were frustrating setbacks. Today, after the success I've enjoyed, I can't imaging ever stopping again. Now my daily practice sessions are totally different. I plan my practices a week in advance. I know exactly what I am going to do each session and why. They are actually shorter, but much more focused than ever before. Best of all, it's more fun, because I am totally confident I will make continuous progress.

          Every guitar player has technique challenges that are holding back their progress. Just a few simple stupid little things can totally undermine our potential. The power in Mike's approach is that he will show you exactly how to identify and fix those challenges, one by one. Fix just one or two of those challenges and your guitar adventures will change for the better, forever. Fix them all and just imagine how far you could go.

          I cannot predict what future paths your guitar will lead you down, but as for me, I know for sure that my next 50 years of guitar will be a lot better than the last, thanks to Mike."

          - Mark Prozaki, USA 


          “I had a lot of problems with excessive tension, especially in my picking hand and shoulder. My technique wasn’t very reliable, I was very tensed up, missed notes when playing fast. The most frustrating was the feeling that I’ve hit a brick wall with my technique and that I would be able to go any further.  

          I’ve made a huge step forward in my technique. I started to achieve greater results with a lot less time. My technique got a lot better and I can play great on bad days on stage as well. I don’t have large fluctuations in my playing anymore. 

          And most importantly I know from the bottom of my heart that I can achieve anything I want with my guitar if I choose to. I don’t have any limitations in my head about what I’m able or not able to achieve. This is a very huge turning point for every musician. Thank you Mike for creating this wonderful program!"

          - Jure Golobic, Slovenia
          Touring musician & guitar teacher


          "Hi Mike,

          The course value is insane! 

          I view everything I do on the guitar with much more detail now and my way of practicing is much more focused and produces much better and faster results. 

          The course has helped me a lot to sharpen my awareness and to be able to dissect my technique much better. Becoming aware of what causes a problem in the first place is the starting point and it´s invaluable to have your eyes opened in that regard, because once you know all the tiny details that are going wrong, you can fix them."

          - Derek Steep, Germany

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