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How To Improve Your Guitar Picking Technique

Do you want to learn a simple and highly effective guitar practice approach that is guaranteed to improve your guitar picking technique, speed of playing and make everything you play on guitar sound better?

Most guitarists make the mistake of searching for hundreds of different exercises in order to improve their guitar picking technique. However, in order to reach this goal what you need instead is to learn ‘how to practice’ a variety of fundamental elements of guitar technique that will make it possible for you to play fast and clean with good picking technique on guitar.


After watching this guitar picking video, you will :

  • Learn one of the most important things that holds guitar players back in their desire to improve their guitar picking technique
  • Discover four effective practice methods for training your guitar picking speed to a whole new level
  • Find out how to make your guitar playing sound much better no matter what you are playing
  • Feel much more confident about your potential to improve your guitar technique to the level that you want

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