Identify Your Guitar Practice Mistakes

Can You Spot These 15 Guitar Practice Mistakes?

You want to get the most from your guitar practice time and become an awesome guitarist as quickly as possible, right? Watch the video below to learn how much you really know about practicing guitar and identify all the guitar practice mistakes you see me make (there are 15 total). After watching the video, get the answers sent to your inbox in a special report, together with thorough explanations of how to FIX each of the problems shown, so you make bigger and faster progress in your playing.

To get (for free) the detailed explanations about all the guitar practicing mistakes you see me make in the video above and to learn how to fix/prevent them from holding back your playing, enter your name and e-mail address below and click the button: "E-mail Me The Answers Now"

Don't worry, your e-mail address will NOT be given away or sold - I take your privacy seriously.

Learn What Things Hold Back Your Guitar Playing

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