Question For Guitar Players Who Are Stuck...

What Would Your Guitar Playing Sound Like With The "Guitar Genius Advantage"?

Here is what "Guitar Genius Advantage" did to my guitar playing:

Here is what "Guitar Genius Advantage" is doing for my clients right now. These people, like you, came to this page you are reading now and allowed me to install this advantage into them.

Check out a few of my before & after case studies:


And ALL your favorite guitar players used the "Guitar Genius Advantage" to become who they are today.

Yngwie, Paul Gilbert and Randy Rhoads used it to master guitar before they were old enough to vote.

Toni Iommi used it to keep playing guitar after severing 2 of his finger tips.

Pat Martino used it to relearn guitar from scratch after brain surgery.

But there is 1 difference between Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, Toni Iommi, Pat Martino and you:

…they were born with this advantage inside them, like a computer with pre-installed software.

Normal people (like you and I) can “install” it into our brains, like a new smartphone app. The same way I installed it in myself and into the hands and minds of my clients.

You’ll see how in a moment...but first: What the heck is “ Guitar Genius Advantage”?

Simply put:

MazePic This advantage is the navigation system for your guitar playing. It whispers in your ear the turn-by-turn directions to playing guitar the way you want.


The "Advantage" is the cure for:

  • Having no “Natural talent”. The less talented you are, the bigger your improvement is going to be.

  • Bad guitar playing habits. "Guitar Genius Advantage" is your 2nd chance to learn guitar with perfect technique.

  • Having small hands. (But if you are a healthy adult, your hands are big enough to play guitar well anyway.) 

  • Starting to play guitar late in life. It works even if you are 60+ years old. 

  • Having little time to practice. "Guitar Genius Advantage" gives you 2, 3 or 6 minutes of results for each minute you practice. This means you can practice for 10 minutes, but improve like you practiced for an hour. 

  • Starting to play again after an injury. Django Reinhardt used this advantage to become a guitar legend after losing 2 fingers in a fire!  

  • Getting back to playing guitar a long break. The longer your break, the easier it is start fresh with new & better habits. 

What Happens When You Have Guitar Genius Advantage:


  • You stop making mistakes when playing complex riffs & solos. (Even the ones that feel damn near impossible for you right now.)
  • You stop feeling embarrassed when others ask you to play for them. You stop taking a back seat & just “playing rhythm” in a band. Imagine being ASKED to play lead. And feeling admired & respected for your chops.
  • You stop wondering what to practice to play guitar the way you want.
  • You fix mistakes & erase bad habits from your playing, one by one.
  • You stop struggling to play fast and clean when a song calls for it.
  • You FINALLY feel confident to play for your family & friends. And jam with a band on stage. Or maybe even leave a legacy by recording your own original album.
  • You get past the feeling of being "stuck" with your playing. And you stop feeling like “you should be a better guitar player by now”.
  • You stop feeling like you play guitar with boxing gloves on. And you start getting respect from anyone who hears you play.


It doesn't matter where you are now with your playing. Or what your experience is.

Or what guitar, amp or pedals you play through.

NONE of this matters once you have "Guitar Genius Advantage".

Today, with your permission, I want to install "Guitar Genius Advantage" into your playing too.

And Before I Show You What This Advantage Is, Here Is What It's NOT:

mistake It's NOT guitar lessons. (It's much different.)
mistake It's NOT about learning hundreds of mind-numbing guitar exercises. (You don't ever have to learn another exercise if you don't want to.)
mistake It's NOT reading standard notation. (You NEVER have to read a single note on a piece of sheet music. EVER.)
mistake It's NOT practicing guitar for hours every day. (You don't even need to practice 1 hour per day).
mistake It's NOT reading boring articles or books.
mistake It's NOT buying any fancy gear or expensive equipment. It works on any guitar & amp you already have.
mistake You do NOT even need to own a computer.


And perhaps most importantly of all:


You Don’t Have To Be Naturally Talented

"Don't knock - unless there is a FIRE!!!"

This is what you'd see if you tried to enter my guitar practice cave in 2002.

rfgpt img

My name is Mike Philippov.

rfgpt img

Today, the media knows me as "Guitar Practice Expert".

But in late 2002, I was a shy 15-year old. I was searching for answers in the dinosaur-era, pre-YouTube internet.

My mission at the time?

To play like my heroes (Randy Rhoads & Eddie Van Halen).

And I wanted to know if the rumors were true.

That when it comes to guitar, “you either have it or you don’t”.

I feared I might be already too old to play the way I wanted.

That I might be doomed to only admire great players from a distance, but never join their ranks.

That’s when I found him.

At first, he was just “a name on some guitar forum” writing about a new way of practicing I’ve never seen before. His tips stood out like raisins on a coconut cake.

And they gave me hope. I got better each time I took his advice.

He wasn’t parroting generalities I heard from everyone else: “just do what feels natural.” “practice real slow and you’ll get fast one day.” “relax when you play.”

Or the usual: “stick with it! You got this!” motivational B.S.

Just rational, methodical and logical teachings, which (as I later discovered) are backed by hard science.

So I thought:

“What If I Met Him In Person And Picked His Brain For A Few Hours?”

So I clicked on his forum profile and messaged him. And I felt reality hit me like an ice-cold shower.

He lived 587 miles from me. And his fee? A jaw-dropping $200 per hour.

I was 15. With no car or job. Just $3 per week in allowance - barely enough to pay for guitar strings.

But I made up my mind.

mike food restIt’s just money.” I thought.

So I got a job flipping burgers after school. And told my parents I wanted them to drive me across the country for guitar lessons.

mike food rest

Their reaction?

“You Want To SEND MONEY To A Random Guy On The Internet? You MUST Be Joking."

But I talked my parents into it on one condition: I pay for the whole trip myself. And if it was all a big online scam – I’d learn my lesson & be more skeptical next time.

I agreed.

In 7 months, I saved enough “green stuff” for 4 hours of lessons and travel fees.

And what I learned split my brain into atoms.

I discovered:

  • The #1 thing to STOP doing if you are stuck on the no-progress hamster wheel. Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Yngwie & Paul Gilbert AVOID this “seemingly harmless vice” like kryptonite. The sooner you drop this habit, the faster you improve.

  • The secret to playing fast legato licks without getting tired. Shawn Lane used it to attain his physics-defying chops. WARNING: You will hate this if you have a short attention span. (Maybe that’s why it’s not taught on YouTube.)… but if you’re serious about your playing, the results are worth it.

  • The “guitar genius muscle” that replaced the horse and buggy with the automobile, put a man on the moon and is turning normal people into great guitarists as we speak. Best part? You already have this muscle. You just need to flip the right switch & activate it.

  • The “flea-on-a-megaphone” mistake that causes “slowpy” playing & puts a brick under the gas pedal of your progress. Good news is, if you know basic arithmetic, you can fix it in under 10 seconds.

  • The art of making insane guitar gains when you have no time to practice. I tested this when my parents took my guitar away to motivate me to do better in school. The result? This skill is now a secret guitar practice weapon for me and my guitar practice clients. Thank you, Mom and Dad :)

  • “Recoil reduction drill" that makes your picking feel like a baseball card in bicycle spokes. It works just like shock absorbers in your car. And it busts the #1 myth almost everyone believes about playing fast.

I now knew what “Guitar Genius Advantage” felt like. It was as if I’d been living in a sad black & white world and was now living in full HD color with surround sound.

And I got even more OBSESSED with practicing and getting better.

While my classmates were dancing at prom, I was locked in a loving embrace with my guitar.

high school mehigh school dancing

I had no plans to EVER share what I learned with anyone else.

I selfishly used my guitar practice knowledge to learn guitar the way I’ve always wanted.

How I play today:


So what changed?

A new passion was waking up inside me.

A passion for installing “Guitar Genius” into others.

Whenever I gave my friends casual tips on guitar technique or practicing, their reaction was an excited mix of "WTF?" and "Why haven't I learned this before?"

And I saw guitar forums, YouTube comment sections and FB groups are STILL filled with frustrated guitar players:

guitar problems collage

Guitar players who practiced for years, but STILL struggle with:

  • Not knowing what to practice.

  • Feeling nervous and embarrassed when playing for others.

  • Playing fast when the music calls for it.

  • Taking a back seat as the “rhythm guitarist” … when they really want to play lead.

  • Excess tension that constricts your guitar playing like a straight jacket. who knows how many millions of guitar players are suffering in silence.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks:

I can actually make a living doing this.

I can show people what playing guitar feels like with the “Guitar Genius Advantage”.

So I went all in. And never looked back.

Even though my friends and family all called me crazy and “advised” me to “get a real job”. Today, guitarists fly from over 50 countries to learn from me.

rfgpt img 2 rfgpt img 2 rfgpt img 2

Millions of people watch my YouTube videos & read my articles on how to practice, improve their technique, solve their bad habits and make guitar practice fun. 


I installed “Guitar Genius Advantage” into 100s of guitar players.

The advantage that helped them develop skills, solve problems & learn anything they want on guitar.

I've been doing this for over a decade. I installed "Guitar Genius Advantage" into 100s of guitar players.

And before I install it into you:

I want to explain a few profound (but simple) secrets about perfect guitar practice. These secrets took me years to discover. I usually only share them with 1-1 clients who pay me $250 per hour.

Flipping Your "Natural Talent Switch"

Imagine a switch in your brain.

A switch that helps you to:

- Practice the right things in the right order and in the right way every time you pick up your guitar.

- Avoid most guitar playing problems & cruise your way to great guitar playing, like racing on an empty highway.

You still have to put in the work & practice. But you feel yourself get better during every practice session. And you feel your efforts actually paying off.

Guess what:

That switch actually exists. It’s called “Natural talent”.

On-Off-Switch Some guitar players are born with that switch flipped “on”.


To be clear: NOBODY is born able to actually play guitar (or do anything else).

But some "just know" how to practice to get better all the time.

And if they choose to use their talents - it’s like taking a college exam & looking at the answer sheet.

That is the “unfair advantage” some players have over you, me & every other normal person.

Except to them, perfect practice feels normal. They don't know how to explain it.

(Imagine trying to "explain" why you like your favorite color. Or why you feel hungry.) They just don't know how to practice any other way.

Let’s face it: some people are just born lucky.

Like “win-the-jackpot-first-time-you-buy-a-lottery-ticket” lucky.

Good news is: you too can flip on your “natural talent switch”.

And when that happens, you instinctively start to know things most people do not know.

Things like:

  • Why each hand needs different amounts of muscle tension to play guitar. (And how to use just enough tension to make your playing feel like cutting butter with a hot knife.)

  • Why these 2 hand positions are the “kiss of death” for your guitar playing:

    pick-flat-against-stringpick-flat-against-string ... and why THESE 2 positions make playing feel effortless.


  • Why mistakes can sometimes be your best friend while practicing. And how to use mistakes to create big breakthroughs in your playing.

  • What speed building strategies make playing fast as easy and instinctive as sneezing.

  • How long to practice something before moving on. No, you don’t need to master everything right away. Sometimes you want to leave skills half-baked and move on to practice something else. And believe it or not: it’s best to combine skills together long before you master them.

  • How to learn songs quickly & start impressing yourself and your friends with your playing.

  • How to undo all the bad habits you had before you flipped your natural talent switch. (Good news is: no habit is permanent.)


THIS is why some people can teach themselves to play guitar really well.

They still have to practice of course.

But if they do, they always become great players. Even without ever taking guitar lessons. (Why take lessons if you already do all the right things?)

Problem is, most people (like me) are born with ZERO natural talent.

(This is why most guitarists get stuck, become frustrated and quit.)

...unless they figure out to flip their natural talent switch.

And here comes the million-dollar question: "HOW do you do it?"

You lean on your "Guitar Genius Advantage".

brain This means: model how naturally talented guitarists practice.

  • What they do
  • Why they do it
  • How they think
  • The order in which they practice things
  • How they solve problems

…and then actually practice like they do.

THIS is how you “install” natural talent into your brain.


(Imagine how well you’d be playing today if knew these things when you first picked up the guitar…)

Now, I hear you say:

"But Mike, if learning guitar is as easy as "flipping some switch", why don't more people do that?"

Great question!

There are 3 big roadblocks that stop most people dead in their tracks. They are like multiple emergency brakes in your car. The sooner you release them – the sooner you get to play guitar the way you want.

I am going to release them for you right now:

Roadblock #1. Few Guitar Teachers Know What It's Like To Be "You"

Let's face it:

Most guitar teachers are: "people with natural talent who got really good, really fast".

That's because most guitarists without natural talent give up before they become great. (And only few of the ones who stick with it, start teaching.)

And you know what's really ironic (and sad)?

Most guitar students are: struggling guitar players without natural talent.

Are you seeing the problem now?

Naturally talented guitarists don't know what it's like to “not be talented”.

That's why they can't relate to you. To your frustrations. To your challenges. Or to the bad habits that suffocate your guitar playing.

Scientists call it: “The Curse Of Knowledge”.

The Curse Of Knowledge

One Harvard Physics Professor wrote about: “the tendency for those who’ve long mastered a topic to forget how hard it is to understand the topic when approaching it for the first time.”

In plain English: the best players are often poor teachers.

Because practicing guitar with natural talent is like taking an exam & looking at the answer key.

And how can someone who has answer sheets to every exam relate to you – the person who actually has to study?

That’s why most teachers can only show you the exercises they practiced.

Very few can teach you:

- What to focus on while practicing.

- How to think & How to solve problems.

- How to create your own exercises.

- How to undo bad habits. (Remember: naturally talented guitarists have no concept of “bad habits”. They got everything right the first time.)

If you’ve ever bought instructional products by your favorite players, you’ve likely felt this yourself.

Sure, some guitarists are naturally better at explaining things than others. (This means they also have some natural talent for “teaching”.)

That’s why you may have learned “a thing here and there” from random videos online.

But these little tips are not enough to get you where you want to be.

That’s why the best teachers are the ones who struggled to learn just like you.

The ones who made all the mistakes and know what works and what doesn’t work.

Makes sense, right?

And it doesn’t help that electric guitar is a new instrument.

Did you know that electric guitar is less than 100 years old?

The first electric guitar appeared in mid 1930s.

People were flying on airplanes and watching 3D movies before then. (Yeah, I was shocked to learn this too.)

Compare this with the Violin (created in the 16th century). Or Piano (in the 18th century).

history of instruments

Is it any wonder that violinists and pianists tend to improve faster than guitar players?

It’s nobody’s fault. Guitar pedagogy is still in its infancy.

Roadblock #2. Guitar Learning “Indigestion”.

Most guitarists suffer from “guitar learning indigestion”. They learn way too much, way too fast. That’s why most feel frustrated. (And overwhelmed.)

What they lack is “training”.

Training is NOT “taking guitar lessons”. (Taking guitar lessons is about “more and better learning”. Learning is important… but it’s not training.)

Training is NOT “watching YouTube videos”. (Even though you probably found this page after watching one of my videos.)

Training is also NOT “learning about” practicing.

All these things give you “information”.

And that’s the whole problem.

The internet is FULL of information about guitar.

Some of that info is good. Some of it is garbage.

But in the end: It’s all just “information”.

If information was all we needed, we’d all be billionaires with chiseled 6-pack abs.

Training bridges the gap between information and skill.


Think of learning (or getting info) as eating food.

Training is how your body digests what you eat to nourish your body.

If information is “food” – training is your “digestive system”.

Training converts “info about guitar playing” into “sweet sounds that come out of your amp”.

Training happens through guided, mindful practice.

The key words are “guided” and “mindful”.

You do something with your full attention. You get feedback (from a coach or from coaching yourself). You make mistakes. You make adjustments. And you try again.

What Training Looks Like

THIS is how you install natural talent into your brain and hands.

If learning too much makes people frustrated, why do they do it?

Because it’s instantly gratifying to learn something. (Just like eating junk food.)

Learning often creates an illusion of progress.

While training creates LASTING progress.

Think about it:

All the best athletes have coaches and trainers.

- Michael Jordan

- Mike Tyson

- Tiger Woods

- Floyd Mayweather Jr.

- Lebron James

- Peyton Manning

… the list goes on.

Imagine if they learned boxing, golf, football or basketball the way most guitarists learn guitar. (By watching YouTube videos and practicing at home.)

We wouldn’t know their names today.

(Sure, they also had exceptional natural talent for their sport. And they STILL had coaches. And they put in scary amounts of hard work to become the best of the best.)

That’s why the best guitar teachers do more than just “teach”. They train you to practice correctly in between your lessons.

Roadblock #3: The vicious killer of your guitar playing.

Let me tell you a story.

I recently went to a new dentist.

As I laid in the chair, the dentist asked me what I do.

I explained how I help frustrated guitarists make more progress with less practice.

What happened next left me STUNNED.

The dentist said:

“Yeah, I always wanted to play guitar, but I just don’t have the talent for it.”

I could not believe my ears!

How does one become a DENTIST…

…but feel he can't learn to strum a few chords on guitar?

This is shocking to me. (And I’ve since changed dentists again :) )

What about you?

Do you believe you will become the guitarist you want to be?

self-imageIf you don’t - your self-image is the problem.

NOT you as a human being.

self-imageLearning guitar with a poor self-image is like driving a Ferrari with the emergency brake on.

Good news is:

You can change your self image at any time.

You can release your mental emergency brake & improve faster than you ever have before.

How to change your self image?

Think of everything in life you are already good at and worked hard for.

When was the moment you realized you could succeed?

Picture it in your mind.


What if you reading these words right now was THAT moment for your guitar playing?

What if today you decided that nothing would stop you?

I can’t make this choice for you… only you can do it.

But I’m on your side 100%.

Because you deserve to play guitar the way you want.

Life is too short not to.

Bottom line: If you don’t believe you have potential to play guitar well, nothing and no one can help you.

But with the right self-image, sky is the limit for your guitar playing.

Now, before we go further, you might be asking yourself:

Are You Too Old To Become A Great Guitar Player?

The answer is: it all depends.

Do you think that 14 is "too old" to start playing guitar?

No, you say?

Well, guess what: when I started playing guitar at 14, I thought I WAS too old.

You read correctly.

After all, my favorite players got started at 5-7 years old.

And here I was at 14, 7-9 years behind them.

I wasn't old enough to drive. Yet I was certain that my best guitar playing years were behind me.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But that's how I felt.

Point is:

I could have given in to my false belief. And I could have quit guitar.


You know the old saying: "if you believe you can or you believe you can't - you are always right"?

That's what I'm talking about. That's why we have 100+ year old marathon finishers. And 80+ year olds climb mount Everest.

Can you become a guitar virtuoso at 85 years old?

I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

But what I DO know is this:

If you believe you are too old - you are. If you believe you are not too old - there is still hope for you :)

What I write next may make me unpopular. But I have to go out on a limb and say what I found to be true:

Guitar is a SIMPLE instrument to learn.

There, I said it.

How hard can it be if some people can teach themselves and get really good?

Do you know what IS hard?

Brain surgery. Nuclear physics. Flying a plane. Becoming an attorney. Or even an accountant (trust me on that one).

easy and hard

Think about it:

How many self-taught brain surgeons have you heard about?

How about self-taught nuclear physicists?

Or self-taught airplane pilots?

How about self-taught accountants or lawyers?

I rest my case.

We don’t trust anyone to work in these fields without years of training.

And the funny thing is:

Nobody drops out of medical, business, law or flight school, blaming “lack of talent”.

That’s because these fields existed for hundreds of years. (And they are in high demand in our society.)

ANYONE can learn these fields who has access to the right training.

In guitar, things are much different. Guitar education is still in the Stone Age despite all the technology we have today.

That's why (sadly) many quit, blaming lack of talent.

Bottom line: the problem is not you. It’s the approach you’ve taken to practice guitar. And your beliefs about your potential.

Change your beliefs and change your approach and you change your outcome.

Guaranteed Formula For Perfect Guitar Practice

Increasing Your Guitar Practice “RPM”.

Think of the world’s best guitar players. Such as:

Eddie Van Halen Gary Moore Stevie Ray Vaughn
Paul Gilbert Steve Vai Randy Rhoads
Guthrie Govan Yngwie Malmsteen Andy James
Rusty Cooley John Petrucci Marty Friedman
Jason Becker Jeff Loomis Andy Timmons
Frank Gambale Joe Satriani Eric Johnson
Vinnie Moore Al DiMeola Steve Morse


We all know they practice(d) a lot. (Remember Steve Vai’s 10-hour guitar workout?)

But here is something you may not know:

progress Their practice time didn’t make them great. Their “RPM” did. 

RPM stands for: “Results Per Minute” (of guitar practice).

When Paul Gilbert practices - he gets better by the minute. This means he improves whether he practices for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

When Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci or Steve Vai practice - the same happens.

That’s because their practice “RPM” is as high as it can be.

Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and others - all practice VERY differently from 99.99% of guitar players.

If your RPM was as high as theirs - YOU would play just like them (given enough time).


YOU would be free to play anything you want on guitar. And YOU be admired by anyone who hears you play.

If Yngwie, Petrucci or Van Halen had your RPM - they would play just like you.

What this means for you is:

You Do NOT Need More Practice Time. You Need More "Results Per Minute" Of Practice.

If you already practice 3+ hours per day, good for you.

But in case you don’t, know that:

The LESS practice time you have, the FASTER you improve when you increase your RPM (results per minute).

That’s because every minute is a much higher % of your practice time.

It’s a lot easier to increase your RPM than to increase your practice time. (And when your RPM goes up, your motivation to practice more goes up with it.)

You can increase your guitar practice RPM no matter how old you are.

You’ll see how in a moment, but first:


Activating Your “Breadcrumbs” Mindset

Your guitar playing problems leave a “trail of breadcrumbs” behind for you to follow. They are like puzzles waiting to be solved.

When you know how to practice, you follow the breadcrumbs trail to the problem’s root cause. Then the solution shines you in the face like a searchlight.


The more you embrace the “breadcrumbs” mindset, the faster your guitar playing improves.

The more problems there are in your playing, the faster you begin to improve.

And the best part is: once you awaken this mindset, it stays with you FOREVER.


There you have it - the perfect practice formula.

Now that you know it, I can't stop you from closing this page & using your new wisdom to improve your playing on your own.

You can do your own research, testing and training. And you can learn how to practice perfectly by yourself. 

After all, that's exactly what I did. <br

But on the other hand:

…why struggle to figure this out yourself, when I already did all the hard work for you?

The choice is yours to make.


Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training

Also known as: "Guitar Playing Talent Installation System".

The only program that reveals exactly what the world's top guitar players do when they practice.

Step by step.

It’s where I train you how to install natural talent into your brain.

I will be your personal guitar practice trainer, guiding you through every minute of your practice time.

You are about to discover:

What snipers can teach you about playing guitar. Use my "crosshairs" method to undo your bad guitar playing habits without pulling your hair out in frustration. (Works best for long-time habits you've played with for years.) This is your 2nd chance to learn perfect guitar technique. Use it & finally play the music you only wish you could play right now. If you like well thought-out, step-by-step processes - you will LOVE this. 

The #1 shortcut to lightning fast picking speed. A technique Steve Jobs would have loved if he played guitar. It's 33% easier than alternate picking, but most guitarists don't even know it exists. Learn it in less than 1 hour. Use it to play anything you want at the speeds you want without the mistakes you don’t want. (Compare that with how fast picking feels for you right now.)

How to get an hour of practice done in 10 minutes. Use my RPM (results per minute) boosting secrets that even blind guitarists & focal dystonia patients used to improve their playing. Practicing guitar without them is like digging a swimming pool with a tea spoon. You won't find these methods anywhere but here.

Simple ways to obliterate the #1 enemy of your progress. Every minute you practice like this is a minute wasted. (If you practice less than 1 hour per day, it's affecting you the most.) I show you 89 ways this enemy is attacking your guitar practice today. Then I help you cut this waste out of your practice like a cancer & only practice things that make you better. Like cancer, the sooner you detect it, the easier it is to correct.
My sneaky trick that primes your brain for perfect practice before you even pick up your guitar.  Tip: use it on your drive home from work right before you practice. The less practice time you have, the more you'll thank me for it. Practicing without this trick wastes on average 91 hours each year. (If you practice 1 hour per day, this means 3 months of NO progress!)

The “bitter-tasting miracle cure” for any guitar playing problem. Warning: Most guitar teachers are afraid to teach this. Why? Because practicing this way is NOT fun. But impressing others with your guitar playing is. My clients often tell me: “I hate it each time I do it… but I LOVE the results”. Use this "nuclear option" when nothing else works and it won’t fail you.

How to play faster without slow practice. Most people say the only way to build speed is to start slow and gradually increase your speed over time. John Petrucci and Shawn Lane disagree. So do I. Use my Speed Bursts, Spot Checking & Microloading techniques to shatter your speed plateaus. (Tip: Use these in moderation if you don't want to be a shredder.)

Insider secrets to playing at your best in front of others. You know how pilots train in flight simulators? Guitarists can too. Use my "Adverse Conditions Simulation" drill & never worry again about mistakes when others are watching you. No more sweaty palms, racing heartbeat or dry mouth. Just rock-solid, James-Bond-like confidence. Every guitar player wants to feel this way when they play. Become one of the few who do (even if you are naturally shy).

How one item in your bathroom can help you make more progress than years of guitar lessons. (No, it's not your toilet. :) )

The "1-9-8-5 method" that erases your overwhelm from having “too much to practice". The more “stuff” you have to practice today, the more relief you feel when this process starts working for you. If you had known this as a beginner, you'd be a much better (& happier) guitar player right now. And you wouldn't feel burned out, discouraged & frustrated nearly as often as you do.

A 2-minute-per-day strength training drill that turns your picking hand into a machine gun. Your friends may laugh if they see you do it… but watch their faces after you finish playing.

3 simple tricks that melt excess tension from your jaw, shoulders, arms, fingers, stomach, legs & feet. They make playing guitar feel like the first breath after an asthma attack. That means you make fewer mistakes while playing. And you hear: "You make it look so easy!" from people who only wish they could play guitar like you. You won't find these in any book or YouTube video. I kept them hidden in my "guitar practice vault" until I decided to offer this training.

My step-by-step process for getting your guitar skills back after a long break (without getting injured). This means you can stop feeling guilty when you miss practice sessions or don’t practice for awhile. 

My "Breadcrumbs" method for fixing your guitar playing mistakes like Sherlock Holmes. I often use it to fix longtime problems in my clients' playing in just minutes.

How to create your own exercises to fix your exact problems & challenges. Rest easy & feel yourself improve each time you pick up your guitar. (Guitar teachers who sell exercise books don’t want you to know this… but here it is.)


See what my clients say:  

"The genius thing about this course is that Mike is sitting down and analyzing every single little problem that your technique might have and then showing you the right and wrong ways of practicing. This way, you can instantly see improvement in literally a few minutes. It’s like having somebody in the room pointing out all your mistakes. While you are practicing guitar, Mike is reminding you what to think and what to do. It (Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training) is one thing that anybody needs to have in order to become a great player in a very short amount of time."

- Tommaso Zillio, Canada
progressive rock guitarist and teacher


"Before I began Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training I was frustrated by my inability to play without mistakes in a consistent way. There was no way I could play in a reliable consistent way what ever I tried. Mikes strategies for this issue are simply outstanding. Practicing so I can play without tension has been absolutely revolutionary for my playing.

Having a toolbox of strategies at my disposal to use to solve any problem and knowing how to practice has been great. Now I know the basics of what to do and what to do not. Having clear and consistent guides of what to do and what to avoid when working in my technique. This course has helped me in a way I can’t value since has resolved many things and make me approach guitar in a absolutely different as how I usually did. Eradicating frustration and hopelessness has no price. Thanks Mike."

- Alan Ahrend Doreste, Spain

"I learned to think like a true problem solver and solve my own problems when it comes to playing and practicing guitar.

Throughout the Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training, I’ve learned how to focus on the details that matter and the details that make the change - the biggest change when it comes to practicing/playing guitar. 

I’ve also been trained by Mike Philippov in a live setting and it’s also been quite the experience. I’ve had him analyze a portion of my playing and tell me a couple of issues that I have problems with. 

One of the issues I had problems with was sweep picking and Mike taught me the concepts of rest strokes which I had no idea of and that was really helpful for me and it really cleaned up a lot in my playing & sweep picking and my directional picking."

- Gottfrid Norberg Waxin, Sweden
Professional Guitarist & Guitar Teacher

"Mike’s Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training is a perfect companion to your guitar lessons, because it is showing you exactly how to go about training the things that you are learning on guitar, in the very best ways possible.

This is not like some eBook giving you a few general guitar practice tips and then sending you on your way. It’s like Mike is in the room right next to you as you practice your guitar playing, only it’s on your time, in your own home, whenever it is convenient for you.

With Mike’s Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training you are going to save time by being absolutely certain that you are practicing your guitar skills in the most efficient ways possible."

- Simon Candy, Australia
professional guitar teacher and musician


"Guitar technique is only a means to an end - its prime goal is to become free and to express yourself fluently on the guitar. For you to become one with the music and express yourself fluently on the guitar, it would take one hell of a dedicated guitar teacher, to get you to focus on the right things at the right time. And that’s exactly what Mike has set up in this course. "

- Antony Reynaert, Belgium
blues guitarist and guitar teacher


"My name is Mark. I'm 66 and I have been playing guitar on and off for over 50 years. Playing guitar has been both my greatest joy and most intense frustration. 

A few months back I found out about Mike, checked out his website and his videos. After watching him play and absorbing his learning philosophy it became clear that the learning path I had been on all those years was never going to make me the guitarist I knew I could be.

So I took the leap and invested in his monthly "sessions" as he calls them. So far I have been through 2 sessions and just starting the third. The results I have enjoyed over the last 2 months by just following his practice methods are easily beyond anything I could have accomplished just flailing around for a year or more on my own.

In the past I would play guitar, then in frustration I would stop, then start again, then stop. Progress was slow and there were frustrating setbacks. Today, after the success I've enjoyed, I can't imaging ever stopping again. Now my daily practice sessions are totally different. I plan my practices a week in advance. I know exactly what I am going to do each session and why. They are actually shorter, but much more focused than ever before. Best of all, it's more fun, because I am totally confident I will make continuous progress.

Every guitar player has technique challenges that are holding back their progress. Just a few simple stupid little things can totally undermine our potential. The power in Mike's approach is that he will show you exactly how to identify and fix those challenges, one by one. Fix just one or two of those challenges and your guitar adventures will change for the better, forever. Fix them all and just imagine how far you could go.

I cannot predict what future paths your guitar will lead you down, but as for me, I know for sure that my next 50 years of guitar will be a lot better than the last, thanks to Mike."

- Mark Prozaki, USA 


You know the saying: “perfect practice makes perfect”? Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training IS your perfect practice!

But perfect practice does more than put your guitar progress on steroids.

You get the status & respect all great guitar players get. And you don't have to quit your job to practice guitar all day.


  • Turning back the clock and achieving a dream you’ve been putting on hold for years.
  • Becoming the guitar player other guitarists envy & look up to.
  • Feeling proud to show off your guitar skills instead of fearing someone asking you to play for them.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I know you are going to love the higher level of respect and admiration that you’re going to start getting. 

Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training Is A Proven Program For Achieving EXTREME Levels Of Guitar Playing Skills Fast

 ... but it's not for everyone.

This training may NOT be for you. 

  • If you want results without putting in any work at all, don't join. Even naturally talented guitar players had to practice to get where they are today.

  • If improving your guitar playing is not a priority in your life, this training is not for you. 

  • After you improve your playing, I may ask you for a video testimonial of the progress you've made. And I may feature you on my website and YouTube channel. If you don't feel comfortable with that, please do not join.

  • Can you handle other guitar players asking you to teach them guitar even though you don’t want to? If this thought makes you uneasy - don't join.

  • If investing in this training takes food off your dinner plate, please don't join. That said, I've bent over backwards to make the training affordable for just about everyone. (See the crazy offer below.)

If I just described you, please close this page right now and do NOT read below. This training is not for you.

But if you keep reading, you agree that these don't apply to you and you are ready to transform your guitar playing.



Since you are an ambitious action taker, it's time to install your "Guitar Genius Advantage" right now. The advantage that:

- makes you the guitar player others secretly envy.

- lets you play those guitar solos you only wish you could play right now.

- reveals the secrets to great guitar playing few people know. (Remember: talented guitar players didn't have to struggle like you did. That means they can't teach you how to do what they do.)

Here is how it works and everything you get:

Every month you get a new Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training session in your account on my website.

Each session consists of: 

Part 1: Guitar Practice Wisdom. (Format: Audio. Length: 20-30 minutes).

Go on a journey into the minds of the "naturally talented". Here I teach you all the secrets to perfect guitar practice. Then we rewire your brain to turn these secrets into the way you practice from now on.

Listen to your training anywhere (online or offline). This makes the concepts stick in your brain & transforms how you practice guitar. 

Part 2: Bad Habit Guitar Technique Cures (Format: Audio. Length: 20-25 minutes).

Here you untie the knot of your guitar playing challenges & bad habits. I train you how to spot bad habits, identify their causes and fix them one by one.

These cures work whether you’ve played guitar for 6 months or 30+ years. Just follow the simple steps.

Part 3: Killer Guitar Technique Video Training (Format: Video. 2-3 videos per session @ 10-20 minutes per video.)

Your video guide on what to do and what not to do when you practice. Learn what mistakes to avoid & what to focus on while practicing fast picking, arpeggios, legato, string skipping, position shifts, chord changes, vibrato & rhythm guitar.

Already know how to do these techniques? Even better! I show you how to master them on a deeper level and play them better, faster, cleaner and more consistently. 

Part 4: Perfect Practice Installation Training (Format: Audio. Length 10-60 minutes)

Here we install the knowledge from Parts 1-3 into your brain.

It works like this: you open an audio track with instructions for what & how to practice.

As you practice, you hear me speaking to you, guiding you through the process. Every few minutes I tell you exactly what to pay attention to next, what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

I guide you every step of the way & keep you focused on what to think about, pay attention to & listen for.

This process installs perfect practice habits into you. 

All of the above is “1 session” of Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. You get a new session every month.

New For A Limited Time: Live Video Guitar Practice Support Hotline - hop on a LIVE video call (1-1) with me and get:

- INTERACTIVE LIVE TRAINING. 30-minutes of LIVE, INTENSE GUITAR PRACTICE TRAINING with me directly. Pure value - no fluff or filler. (Times are available to suit every time zone.) I'm available for up to 6 sessions per month (first-come, first-served).

- YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED LIVE. No more hours spent searching online (and wondering if you have the right answer). Get answers to your guitar playing questions straight from me.

- RECORDINGS of your 1-1 guitar practice support hotline sessions are yours to review at any time. No need to remember my advice.

- INSTANT ACCESS TO MY GUITAR PRACTICE SUPPORT HOTLINE VIDEO LIBRARY. As a member, you have full access to my library of guitar practice support hotline recordings.

 - A DEAL OF THE CENTURY. Guitarists pay $250 per hour to study with me (and fly thousands of miles to learn from me in person). You get 4 hours of my direct mentorship each month ($1000 value) for $FREE when you join Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

Full disclosure:

My 2 selfish reasons for offering Live Video Guitar Practice Support Hotline at no extra charge:

1. I want more success stories of ordinary guitarists who became great with my help. These success stories drive the growth of my business.  

After you transform your playing, I may ask you to do a 15-minute 1-1 phone call with me or send me a 2-minute video testimonial (your choice). I want to hear about your improvements & the things you can now do that felt impossible before. Your story may be featured on my website or YouTube channel. 

If you don't feel comfortable with that, please do not join Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

2. I'm looking for superstars to possibly intern or work with me in the future. That's why I want to connect with you & get to know you live. 

As expected, guitar players are rushing in to take advantage of this crazy offer. As much as I want to, I simply cannot keep it open forever.

When the group becomes too large for me to handle, I will close guitar practice support hotline to new members until further notice.

(When that happens, the only other way to train with me live is for $250 per hour.)

This offer may expire at any moment. 

Want to guarantee your spot for live training with me for FREE? Get into Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training while you still can. Click here to see if spots are still available.

“I had a lot of problems with excessive tension, especially in my picking hand and shoulder. My technique wasn’t very reliable, I was very tensed up, missed notes when playing fast. The most frustrating was the feeling that I’ve hit a brick wall with my technique and that I would be able to go any further.  

I’ve made a huge step forward in my technique. I started to achieve greater results with a lot less time. My technique got a lot better and I can play great on bad days on stage as well. I don’t have large fluctuations in my playing anymore. 

And most importantly I know from the bottom of my heart that I can achieve anything I want with my guitar if I choose to. I don’t have any limitations in my head about what I’m able or not able to achieve. This is a very huge turning point for every musician. Thank you Mike for creating this wonderful program!"

- Jure Golobic, Slovenia
Touring musician & guitar teacher

And if you take action now, you also get these valuable bonuses:

Maximize Results Per Minute Of Guitar Practice

Bonus #1 – Guitar Progress Multipliers. (Use When Your Practice Time Is Most Limited.) – Learn never-before seen secrets on how to squeeze the last drop of results from each minute you practice.

This video master class reveals:

1. The 3 ways to tell if you are practicing incorrectly. This allows you to 
stop “making things worse” & start making things better… a LOT better.

2. Time-saving tips that crush bad habits, mistakes & problems in your playing.

3. Guitar progress killers that make practicing feel like running with your shoelaces tied together. Avoid them & make more progress with anything you practice.

Price: $147 FREE bonus you get today when you start Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

Eliminate Bad Guitar Playing Habits Without Frustration

Bonus #2 – How To Permanently Eliminate Bad Habits In Your Guitar Playing So That You Can Get Better Faster – Whether you've played guitar for 1 month or for 30 years, you have 2 constant challenges in front of you. You want to prevent bad habits from forming & you want to fix bad guitar technique habits you have now.

In this master class you learn a bulletproof guitar practice method to solve even the most deep-seated guitar playing problem or bad habit.

Price: $147 FREE bonus you get today when you start Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training.

You can buy these master classes on my website, or you can get them for free by enrolling in Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. 

My original plan was to offer this training (plus Guitar Practice Support Hotline) to a small group of guitar players for a premium price of $297 per month (just a bit more than what I charge for 1 hour of my time).

But then I thought: It's not fair to reserve this training only for people who have a lot of money.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this.

And here is what I decided:

When you join today, your tuition is going to be half of what I originally planned (only $150 per month). 

Scholarship And if you are one of the first 70 action takers, I also award you my "Guitar Practice Training Scholarship" of $83 per month - straight from my pocket into yours.


What do I mean by that?

It means: if you see this page in time to get your scholarship, you can join us for just $67 per month. (Less than your cell phone bill or a family dinner at an average restaurant.)

That's only 23% of the original price I thought to charge for this training.

The best part?

You keep this ultra low rate of just $67 per month (with your scholarship applied) the entire time you are a member. (It never goes up - EVER.) It's my gift to you.

Why am I giving you this scholarship?

Because I'm impatient.

I want more success stories. And I know I will get them faster when more people can afford my training. 

Note: You DON'T need to apply for this scholarship. It is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click on the green button below & see if you won the scholarship. If you see the price of $67 per month, it means a scholarship is available for you. But if you see full price ($150 per month) it means you missed out on your scholarship.

After all scholarship spots are taken, I don't plan on offering it again. (Please don't ask for exceptions.)

I only ask for one thing:

If you CAN afford to pay full price ($150 per month), leave your scholarship for someone else. On the next page, you have the option to refuse the scholarship and enroll for the full price. We are on the honor system here and I trust that you'll do the right thing.

But if you see this in time and want to take me up on the scholarship offer, it's here for you. Please take it if you need it.

Guarantee And don't worry, you are fully protected by my "Results-Or-Else" money-back guarantee.  Guarantee

This means:

Try the first session risk-free for 30 days.

If you are not completely blown away by your results, email me within 30 days and I'll refund every penny.

Simple as that.

Of course, I don’t expect that to happen. What I really expect instead is to get a email from you saying something like this:

"Hi Mike,

The course value is insane! 

I view everything I do on the guitar with much more detail now and my way of practicing is much more focused and produces much better and faster results. 

The course has helped me a lot to sharpen my awareness and to be able to dissect my technique much better. Becoming aware of what causes a problem in the first place is the starting point and it´s invaluable to have your eyes opened in that regard, because once you know all the tiny details that are going wrong, you can fix them."

- Derek Steep, Germany


Here is the bottom line:

By this point in your life... you've heard many guitar teachers promising to make you a great player. Too many times to count... and you're probably still a bit skeptical.

I get it.

And you’re smart enough to know what’s going to help your playing and what isn't.

So it’s your call to decide if this makes sense to you to buy now. (If not, it's ok.)

Ask yourself…

“If I choose to buy this…”

​“Would this likely help me play guitar the way I want... or not?”

“Would this likely move me further closer to my goals or not?”

“Would this likely help me get unstuck and feel better about my playing... or not?”

By now, I trust you know what’s right for you.


Will You Decide To Install Your Guitar Genius Advantage Now?

Here is how: 

Scroll down and click on the big green button to join us.

But note: ONLY click the button if you are certain you want "Guitar Genius Advantage" installed into you. Do NOT click it if you are at all unsure whether you want to change. This button is not a "button" - it is a door. By clicking on it, you are opening a door to a new guitar playing YOU.

As soon as you do this and follow the fast and easy steps that follow, you get instant access to your first training session modules and all the bonuses.

Very soon after, I will personally email you about our first guitar practice training session. (You'll get a separate email with steps on how to schedule your guitar practice support hotline sessions). 

Click on the green button below - our credit card payment process is secure.
Online Payment Service

Yes, I Want In!

Still Have Questions? 

How Does This Work & What Exactly Do I Get?

Answer: Click here to see all the details.

Is It Easy To Cancel?

Answer: Yes, canceling is easy and fast and there are no hidden fees. But be warned: my aim is to make you not want to cancel :)

What If I'm Unhappy?

Answer: If you are unhappy, I don't want your money. You are protected by my "Results-Or-Else" money-back guarantee. Try the first session risk-free for 30 days. If you are not completely blown away by your results, email me within 30 days and I'll refund every penny. Simple as that.

How Many Sessions Are In This Course?

Answer: The number of sessions is not fixed. I am constantly updating the course to make it better for you.

Plus, we are going to meet LIVE during guitar practice support hotline sessions. 

You remain a member for as long as you want (and you can cancel at any time).

How Much Time Do I Need To Practice To Benefit From Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training?

Answer: It doesn't matter how much you practice. I show you how to make MORE progress from each minute you spend with your guitar. 

This means you improve whether you practice 10 minutes or 10 hours per day. 

Am I Ready For This Training?

Answer: This course is not for total beginners. If you don't know any chords or scales & have never played guitar before, this course is not for you.

If you are past this level, you are ready :)

And remember, I will train you LIVE during guitar practice support hotline sessions to answer your questions, help you when you get stuck and hold your hand every step of the way.

Plus, you get to try my training risk-free for 30 days and decide for yourself. 

Does This Work For My Style?

Answer: Yes, because learning to practice guitar makes you better, no matter what style you play :) 

Does This Work For Acoustic Guitar Playing?

Answer: Yes, although I do not train you how to practice fingerpicking.

Is Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training Customized For My Guitar Playing Level?

Answer: Yes, here is how:

1. You continue to practice everything you've already been practicing. The only thing that changes (and improves) is how you practice. This means you improve faster and master the music you want to play more quickly. This course is not guitar lessons. I won't throw new exercises at you that have nothing to do with the music you want to play.

2. You have LIVE access to me during guitar practice support hotline to ask me any questions you want about your guitar playing or practicing. This means you won't be alone and I'm there to help you if you get stuck.

(Have more questions? Contact me directly at:   )

How Do I Get Started? 

Answer: Scroll down and click on the big green button to join us. 

Follow the fast and easy steps on the next page to get instant access to your first training session and all the bonuses. 

I'll personally welcome you in a few minutes later. (You'll get a separate email with steps to schedule your guitar practice support hotline session). 

Very soon after, I will personally email you about our first guitar practice training session. 

So, get started right now.

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P.S. Think of all the things in life you are good at.

You either had natural talent for those skills, or someone trained you to master them. Isn't that true?

If you are not yet the guitarist you want to be, it's because nobody trained you how to practice (yet). You can change this today.  Click here & join hundreds of guitarists already on the inside.

P.P.S. I'm going to be there for you LIVE during guitar practice support hotline sessions to answer your questions, train you and hold your hand every step of the way. Together, we install perfect guitar practice into your brain.

What you do with this power is up to you. You may use it to transform your guitar playing. Or you may do little or nothing with it. But one thing is sure: you won't ever again say you don’t know how to become a great guitarist. You can never say "nobody showed you how".

And I back up my words with a 30-day "Results-Or-Else" money-back guarantee. Click here right now to join us risk free.

P.P.P.S. As expected, guitar players are rushing in to take advantage of free guitar practice support hotline sessions with me. (Limited time offer.) When the group becomes too large for me to handle, I will close guitar practice support hotline to new members until further notice.

(When that happens, the only other way to train with me live is for $250 per hour.)

This offer may expire at any moment. Want to guarantee your spot for live training with me for FREE? Then jump into Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. Check to see if a spot is still available.

P.P.P.P.S. If you see this in time, you may still qualify for my Guitar Practice Training Scholarship. This means you can join for just 23% of the original price I thought to charge for this training. Click here now to see if you won the scholarship.


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