Speed Plateau Smasher

Siberian-born Guitar Practice Expert – puzzled by the useless crap that *still* passes for “guitar speed advice” – tempts you with a crazy offer:

Yo, Buy This Guitar Course.

And If You Don't Smash Your Guitar
Speed Plateau Within 1 Week,
Until You Do.



Mike Philippov here.  

And to quote my PR agent Ron Burgundy*:  

(*NO RELATION to the 2004 Will Ferrell movie "Anchorman". STOP ASKING DAMMIT)


I'm Kind Of A Big Deal In The "Make Slow Guitarists Play Fast" World


(Oh, don't worry - I’ll prove the sh*t out of that ☝️ brash claim below. Although, if you don’t 'already' believe this about me… how did you even get here???)




I created a new (and very expensive) course for smashing guitar speed plateaus, aptly named:  



It costs as much as my famous green Ibanez + a practice amp cost in 2004 $850.)


And I'm beyond confident that Speed Plateau Smasher can help just about anyone smash through their speed barrier on guitar, without putting their life on hold to do it.


How can I be sure?


Well, first - because I made it. And I help guitar players get faster every day.  



And second, because after you go through this course you'll finally understand:


What The Heck To Do AFTER Traditional Practice Methods STOPPED Making You Faster


Lemme 'xplain:  


No matter what approach you’ve used to build your speed up until now:


- whether it’s the good-old “start-slow-af” method


- the “start-with-speed” method (that you switched to after you heard how “slow practice doesn't work”). (Wow, overcorrect much?)


- the “stalk-everybody-with-a-high-speed-camera” method. (Where the camera is ALWAYS pointing at the picking hand for… some reason.) Yeah, really – what’s WITH that? Does your FRETTING hand not matter? HELLO???


- or the “anatomy-freak” method. (Where your teacher throws around fancy terms like: “antagonistic muscles” and “potential energy of elastic deformation” to prove he can help you play faster.)


… or some Frankenstein-monster combo of these ideas …


If you aren’t seeing the speed gains you want – don’t be alarmed.


It’s not “you”.


Thing is…


Those ☝️ Speed Building “Methods” Are NOT Designed To Turn You (Or ANYONE) ‘Into’ A Fast Guitar Player.


They are designed to “kinda-sorta” explain ‘some’ of the things fast guitar players ‘do’ while they practice.


Which… is ok, as far as that goes…


But as far as helping YOU with YOUR guitar speed…


Most Speed Building Advice ONLY Makes You Faster As Long As Your Speed Problems Are Glaringly Obvious


Take the “start-slow-and-perfect” method, for example.


If your playing is sloppy as hell right now…


… of course you will get faster simply by cleaning up what your hands are doing at slow speeds.


But after awhile, you’ll likely realize 2 things:


First, slow practice is boring af.


And second:


There Are Some Purrrrty Important Questions Most Proponents Of “Slow Practice” Don’t Have Clear Answers For


Questions like:


- How can you know when you are going slowly enough?


- When should you finally increase the tempo and by how much exactly?


Oh sure, everyone says: “slow down” until you feel “comfortable” or until you can play the lick “accurately” or “with control. But what do “comfort” and “accuracy” mean EXACTLY? Has anyone EVER given you a way to KNOW – without a doubt – that you are playing as slowly and feeling as comfortable and accurate as you need to be?


- Can you go *too* slowly?



And most importantly:


How Is Slow Practice Even Useful If Your Motions CHANGE At Higher Tempos?


(… or *DO* they even change?)





If You Don’t Get (Useful*) Answers To Those ☝️ Questions, Your “Slow Practice” Gains Come To A Dead End.


*”Useful”, as in, “do this to find the exact tempo you should practice at. Here is exactly what to do at that tempo and when to speed up. Here is the exact range of how much you can speed up (and why that precise range). Here is exactly what to do if you make mistakes after you speed up or something doesn't work, etc.”


And THAT’S when most eager-beaver guitar players hit their first for-real speed plateau.


(Usually somewhere between 90-130 bpm 16th notes.)


So then, what’s next?


Well, if you keep searching for more speed advice…


… you’ll soon come across guitar speed wisdom “gems” like this:


“Bruh, Forget Slow Practice! Start At Some Fast Tempo You Can’t Play – Mistakes Be Damned - And THEN Slow Down To Clean It Up. Das It, Bruh!”


And ☝️ that advice seems to come from a shredder who is SO damn fast...


... his name literally starts with "Sh".


Shawn Lane himself.


(So, you know his advice is as legit as it gets.)



And to be fair…


If you’ve spent all your time playing slowly…


The first time you “push yourself” out of your comfort zone – you will probably play (a ‘lil bit) faster than you could before.


Problem is:


If you think about this “advice” for even 5 seconds, you can’t help but wonder:


“Um, Guys? This Makes NO Sense. If That Is ‘The’ Way To Do it, How Come Every OTHER Fast Player Says To “Start Slow”? Are You All Just Trolling Me, Or What? Btw, How Fast Is “Fast”?”


On top of that…


By telling you to “push yourself” and “forget slow practice” in the same breath…


Do These “Teachers” NOT FREAKING REALIZE They Are Giving You Carte Blanche To Fill Your Playing With All Kinds Of Bad Habits???


What the hell kind of logic is that???


I mean:


You don’t have to be Einstein to know it’s probably a bad idea to play at speeds where you have no control, your body gets hopelessly tense and your hands fall out of sync.



So …


Common Sense Might Tell You To Combine “Slow Practice” With “Pushing Yourself”… Somehow.

Ok - but HOW???


Oops – nobody has real answers to that either.

☝️Except for some sheepish version of: “uhm, w-well… just… slow down a little to get some ‘accuracy’ (whatever that means) and then push yourself again. But don’t do “too much” slow practice, ‘cause you see: your slow-speed motions won’t work at fast speeds. What’s that? “You don’t know what tempo is ‘slow’ and what tempo is ‘fast’”, you say? Well, fast is - < Brrrrrrrrr-weedly-weedly > that how fast I play. That’s fast! And “slow” is… um… well, I don’t know what “slow” means exactly. Pfft - what a silly question. Just figure it out, will ya? Kthxbye.”





Let’s see… what else is left?


Ah yes…


How could we forget.


Time To Pull Out The Almighty High-Speed Camera And An Anatomy Textbook!


Then get to work on:


  • Taming your flailing fingers.

  • Splitting hairs over what pick slanting variations the top shredders use. (Because that's important, you know.)

  • Learning the difference between Flexor Carpi Ulnaris and Flexor Digitorum Superficialis and their role in forearm supination when picking at supramaximal speeds. [NOT-SARCASM] You simply CAN’T pick fast without knowing that. No-sir! [/NOT-SARCASM]


“And what in God’s Petrucci’s name could possibly be wrong with doing those ☝️ things”, you ask?


Oh nothing, except:


Efficiency Is Just ONE Element Of Guitar Speed


Which means, you will make some gains by focusing on it at first, but...


After awhile, your motions become as small and as relaxed as they’re gonna get… but you can still be a LONG way away from playing as fast as you want.


☝️ AKA: The law of diminishing returns kicks in.


And more to the point:


Much Of What Great Players Do To Play Fast Has NOTHING To Do With How They Move Their Hands


For example:


  • How do they keep their hands IN SYNC when playing fast?

  • How do they keep excess muscle tension down and make their fast playing look (and feel) SO DAMN EASY?

  • How do they make their guitar speed usable (so they can play near their best at a moment’s notice)?



LOL, Good Luck Picking Up Any Of That ☝️ With A High-Speed Camera.




This is the kind of self-contradicting pile of crap that passes for guitar speed advice these days.


And if you’re really ambitious (plus: a little bit lucky)…


… there is a chance you may make enough sense of it to get your speed up to 110… 130… heck, maybe even 140 bpm 16th notes. (On a good day.)


But odds are…


You’ll Never Hang Out In The “Past-200-BPM” Club With Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Andy James, Jeff Loomis And The Rest Of The Cool Kids.


Fortunately, there IS another way.


A way NOT based on useless questions about other people's guitar speed, like:


“What are ‘fast players’ DOING to play so fast?”


Instead, it asks:


What Are ALL The Things Guitarists Who CAN’T Play Fast Keep Doing WRONG?


And then…


It gives you solutions for each of those ☝️problems.




In my opinion, if more guitar teachers knew how to do THAT, there’d be a lot more fast guitar players in the world.


And solving these problems is exactly what I’ve been doing over the last 20+ years.


With DAMN good results, I might add.


Both, while training my own students online:







And live, in person – training at guitar technique & speed live events where each student paid thousands of dollars for a seat:


(At events like this, by the way, there is no place to hide if you’re not extremely good at what you’re doing.)


And Solving Those Problems Is Exactly What My Course Speed Plateau Smasher Is All About!


Here - let me show you:


The first thing Speed Plateau Smasher does for you is help you discover:


The Invisible, Inaudible And Barely Noticeable ‘Micro Flaws’ That Can Exist Even When You’re “Practicing Slowly” And Can “Hear All The Notes”.


These ☝️ micro flaws keep you stuck at a certain speed, no matter how much you practice.


But they are often so tiny - you’ll never catch them UNLESS you know exactly where to look.


Here is one example of what I mean:



(No, that ☝️ is NOT Speed Plateau Smasher. It's an excerpt from a 1-1 session I do with my RFGPT students). But I "test" everything on my students (thx guys for being such good guinea pigs!) before I make standalone courses on a topic, *like* Speed Plateau Smasher.)


If you ever wondered why you may only be “kinda-sorta” fast with ‘one or two’ licks, but slow as hell with everything else…


… these micro flaws are to blame.




These micro flaws DON'T *just* exist in your 'technique' (picking/fretting motions).


They also exist in how you (try to) sync your hands up, relax excess tension, control string noise and more.


In fact, there are 7 elements of guitar speed that look ‘suspiciously’ like a pizza.



Yeah-yeah, one of ☝️ those “pizza slices” is much bigger than the others. Why? Because that’s the one I'm eating, of course. Lol, j/k. If you really want to know why that is, buy the course and I'll explain.



And after you go through Speed Plateau Smasher, you’ll know exactly how to spot your micro flaws, almost as well as I do. Because I'll teach you how to:


“Magnify” Your Guitar Playing Micro Flaws (In All 7 Elements Of Guitar Speed), Making Them Easy To See, Feel And Hear… And (Because Of That) – Dirt-Simple To Fix.


And here is something so cool – it may easily be worth the entire price of the course:


I don't *just* teach you how to spot these micro flaws on your own...


… In One Case, I Also – Literally - Do It FOR YOU.


Here is how it works:


As you go through this course, you can send me a tab of ONE lick you want to speed up + a recording of you playing it.


This is the lick we’ll use as the benchmark for you “smashing through your speed plateau”.


And then – I go to work:


I learn your lick.


I practice it.


I work out the differences between how I'm playing it and how you’re playing it.


And then...


I Record A Personal Video Specifically For You, Breaking Down:


- what your ‘micro flaws’ are


- which parts of Speed Plateau Smasher you specifically need to focus on to make ‘em go away.


Then, I send you that video of me practicing your lick “for” you.


Heads up though: I AM going to post your video (and mine) into the member’s area for everyone to study and learn from.


If that ☝️ thought (of others seeing you play) scares you so much you don’t want to buy this course anymore, whatever – your loss.


(Or maybe just toughen up and stop being a sissy? Just saying :) )


Either way, this is possibly the closest thing in the world to:


Done-FOR-You Guitar Practice. (i.e. I Practice And YOU Get Faster.)


And unlike just giving you “general feedback” on your playing…


Learning your lick FOR you helps me spot and point out flaws in your playing I’d NEVER catch any other way.


Not to mention:


Finding Guitar Speed ‘Micro Flaws’ Is My Motha-Freaking Superpower.


  I can notice stuff I'm certain NOBODY ever pointed out about your playing...



(For the cheap seats, NO - that ☝️ is also NOT Speed Plateau Smasher. It's an excerpt from a 1-1 session I do with my RFGPT students. But the idea I'm using here is taken DIRECTLY 'from' Speed Plateau Smasher.)


In fact, I'm SO good at it...


I Can Sometimes Spot People's Guitar Speed Micro Flaws WITHOUT Even Seeing Them Play!


Ok-ok, I AM kidding about that ☝️ last claim. Even my powers have limits.


But check out this unsolicited testimonial a guitar player sent me after he improved simply by reading the same web page you are reading now:



(I thought that ☝️ was too awesome not to share here!)


  Either way, this is just a start.


  Because after that, you’re ready for the next phase in the course, which is:


Smashing Through Your Speed Plateau By A Margin So Wide – You’ll KNOW It’s Not A Fluke!


My method for doing this is called:


Contrasting Somersaults


THIS is the method that will actually smash your speed plateau.


And - if you follow it the way I teach – in a pretty stunning way.




(What's that? "Are ☝️ those vids from Speed Plateau Smasher or are they also 1-1s from RFGPT", you ask? LOL wut are you for real )


So, what IS this 'contrasting somersault' method then?


It’s an intelligent way to balance practicing fast AND practicing slow in the same practice session.


I say “intelligent”, because it eliminates a HUUUUGE chunk of the work, effort and frankly - luck that you’d otherwise need to get faster.


And after you go through this part of the course, you’ll NEVER AGAIN WONDER:


  • If you’re practicing at the correct tempos to improve.

  • If your slow motions will transfer to fast playing.

  • When to “push yourself” (i.e. practice fast) and when not to.

  • How to avoid tension flare-ups when you play fast.

  • Where your mistakes REALLY come from.

  • What to do when a mistake happens.

  • When to use a metronome and when NOT to.

  • What tempo jumps to take when you DO use a metronome.

  • What the hell it means to: practice until a lick feels “comfortable”, “accurate”, “perfect”, “controlled” or any other equally trite and subjective label. (You’ll know, with black-n-white certainty, when your playing is or isn’t those things.)


And you'll know how to work out answers those questions for ANY guitar lick you EVER practice.


☝️That “intelligent” enough for ya? lol


But there is more:


Because I'm also gonna show you what most guitar players (and even teachers) are DEATHLY AFRAID to show you.


I'm talking about:


3 Full-Length (25+ Minute) Videos Of Me Practicing Licks That Are Hard For ME.


The Exact Way I Practice WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING!


Completely raw and unfiltered.


No interruptions.


No stopping whenever I made a mistake so I could edit it out later. (Like nearly EVERYBODY does in “instructional” videos.)


None of that crap.


I Simply Let The Camera Roll And Practice For 25 Minutes Straight, Exactly The Way I Teach You Inside Speed Plateau Smasher.



And yes – I made gains. (More on that below.)


But it gets even better:


Because after I filmed the vids, I went through the footage…


And every few seconds I put a text caption...


Narrating EXACTLY What’s Going Through My Head In That Moment Of The Practice Session!


That means, you get to see:


  • What I'm thinking about.

  • How I decide what practice techniques to use when.

  • What I do when a mistake happens.

  • Why I slow down when I do.

  • Why I speed up when I do.

  • Why/where/how I isolate problem areas. (To make mistakes disappear in front of your eyes.)

And a lot more.



(btw, that ☝️ part took me about 4 hours. Per video. But I think it’s the closest you’ll ever get to looking inside the mind of a top-level shredder. Short of doing a Get-Out-movie-style brain transplant, that is.)


Now… let me ask you a question.


Have you ever seen ANY great player, not play - but PRACTICE in front of you for more than a few seconds?


I will bet you the entire U.S. National Debt that you have not.


And I’ll tell you why:


Most 'Good' Guitar Players Are SCARED SH*TLESS Of ANYONE Seeing Them Practice!


Since real practicing is messy af.


Real practicing EXPOSES your weaknesses and lets everyone hear you make mistakes (instead of hiding them).


Real practicing is where you make A TON OF MISTAKES … and focus on things you can’t play well, so you can make them BETTER.


Which means…


It Is Possibly The Single Most Useful Thing You CAN See!


And inside Speed Plateau Smasher – you will.


I can honestly say - these are the most valuable guitar speed practicing insights I can ever teach you.


Frankly, even I am a bit iffy on making these recordings public.


I mean, who the hell likes to expose their weaknesses like that for other people to see, lol?


But I decided to give them to you, because I'm DEAD-FRIGGING-SERIOUS about delivering on the #1 promise I make to you in this course:


I Guarantee That – *If* You Do What I Teach You Inside Speed Plateau SmasherYou WILL Get Noticeably Faster Within 1 Week.


"How MUCH faster", you ask?


Within 1 week (practicing 15-20 minutes per day) I conservatively estimate - by *at least* 20%.


As in:


Your 100 bpm becomes 120 bpm (or faster).


Your 120 bpm becomes 144 bpm (or faster).


Your 160 bpm becomes 192 bpm (or faster).


Your 180 bpm becomes 216 bpm (or faster).




But it won’t *just* be “faster”.


It’ll sound cleaner and feel easier at that new (20% faster) speed than your CURRENT top speed feels right now.


In fact, you may start seeing gains the very first DAY... like this guy, for example:





A “20% boost” probably won’t get you to your ultimate speed goal.


And that’s fine, because:


A 20% Boost Is Just A START To Prove To Yourself YOU CAN REALLY DO THIS!


We *are* talking about 1 FRIGGING WEEK of practicing 20 minutes per day, after all!


And in case it's not freaking obvious...


Your Gains Won't Just "Stop" After 1 Week, DUH!


And besides (depending on your starting speed)...


... your % speed jump could well be MUCH more than 20%. I simply guarantee that (*if* you do what I teach), they won't be any less.


Heck, you could even end up like this guy (NOT a typical case) at the end of a live class I taught - teaching one of the concepts inside Speed Plateau Smasher:



(To be fair, I don't know how much the others in the class improved. And that guy ☝️ is a special case since he is also my student (unlike the others from that class. Still - shows you what's possible.)


Obviously, the faster you already are – the FEWER micro flaws you have. And the longer each one takes to refine.


But Even If You ARE Already Quite Fast, The Gains Can Be Substantial.


Take for example... me.


In 2 of the 3 my-practice-in-real-time videos inside Speed Plateau Smasher...


… my speed increased 17% (from 120-138 bpm) on one lick.


(PSST! THAT ☝️ actually is from Speed Plateau Smasher. So is that other video below. 👇)


And it jumped 11% (from 138-152 bpm) on another.



And all that ☝️ was after ONE MEASLY PRACTICE SESSION. (25-35 minutes.)


And yeah-yeah, I know I literally made the freaking course, lol.


So, of course I have an advantage there.


But keep in mind:


I'm ALSO quite advanced. (Which means: I got fewer glaring problems to fix in my playing than most guitar players. )


On the whole, I’d say I'm starting at a significant handicap to most people (as far as untapped speed potential). Since there are (relatively) fewer things I *can’t* play as fast as I want, compared to most people.


So for ME to make that kind of progress in LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR is pretty incredible.


That’s why I'm “put-my-head-on-the-chopping-block” sure that 20% faster in a WEEK is MORE than doable for the average person.


But What If You *Don't* Get Faster?


If you make even a modest effort to do what I teach in the course – “not getting faster” is highly, highly unlikely.


But no matter - I gotcha covered.


Just send me videos of you doing the assignments in the course for 1 week (explained below).


And if it's obvious you are not at least 20% faster than when you started...



I’ll Jump On Zoom With You 1-1 For Free And Train You As Long As It Takes Until Your Speed Jumps By At Least 20%.


And as you probably know: people pay me $250 per hour for 1-1 coaching.



… But I’ll train you for free for as long as it takes for your speed to jump.


Although, honestly…


*IF* It Even Comes To That, ☝️ I Won’t Need To Train You For Long.


As you have seen, giving people BIG breakthroughs in their speed is really freaking easy for me.


(Which is why I'm able to charge so much money for my time AND have people gladly pay it.)



So, AFTER you practiced what I teach in the course for 7 days on your own...


... if you're still not at least 20% faster - I’ll likely fix whatever issue *still* holds you back within a few minutes.


That said...


Here Is Exactly What You Must Do To Take Me Up On The Guarantee:


1. You need to watch the ENTIRE course.

It’s about 4 hours long (without my guitar practice demonstrations). With them - about 5.5 hours. If you watch at 1.5x-2x speed, it'll obviously go faster. (Although, if I were you - I'd watch it *at least* twice before starting to practice.)


2. You need to send me a video of the lick you want to speed up.

This is so I can do the "Done-FOR-YOU" guitar practice on it and spot your micro flaws. You can film this with your smartphone (NO special gear, cameras or editing needed - NONE). This video will likely be 1-2 minutes long.


3. You need to send me 8 more videos *at least* 15 minutes each, where you simply follow the process I lay out in the course.

Just turn on your phone camera and go for it.


All told – your time commitment (spread out over the course of 1 week) is about 8 hours in total. (Although most of it is just 'watching' the course, lol.)


(Note: you don’t need to do all that ☝️ ‘within 1 week’ of buying the course. You can do it whenever you want. Can be 1 week after you bought it – can be 5 years after. Doesn't matter to me. As long as you ‘practice’ what’s in the course during one 7-day stretch – it’ll work just the same.)




Before You Buy Speed Plateau Smasher - Decide If That ☝️ Is Realistic For You.


Because if you complain about “not getting faster” without doing ALL of those things – you forfeit my guarantee.


More importantly, nothing will change in your speed.


And if you think filming a handful of videos of your playing “is sooooo much extra work”…


Gimme a break, whino.


I'm not asking you to practice more.


You just gotta FILM the bare minimum amount of work you’re supposed to be doing ANYWAY as you go through this course.


(Hell, most people reading this ALREADY practice WAY more than a measly '15 minutes' I require to take me up on the guarantee.)


If you’re not willing to do that – what do you expect exactly?


To swallow a miracle pill and wake up as fast Petrucci?


Yeah, keep dreaming.


Either way, I give you a fair warning:


If You’re Not Up For Doing The Work I Described – Save Your Money And DON'T BUY THIS COURSE.


Or buy it AT YOUR OWN RISK, knowing full well you’ll 'just' get the course, but will only have yourself to blame if it “doesn't work”.


That is, until you get your act together and decide to actually practice.


In which case, my offer is still on the table if you can show me you really did the work. (The guarantee doesn't expire.)


Also note:


If I See From Your Videos That Your Practicing Looks NOTHING Like What I Teach In The Course - You Ain’t Getting 1-1 Training.


That ☝️ will be determined at MY discretion.




… I’ll send you back for another week of practicing until your (new) videos show you at least tried to do what I tell you.


Don’t worry – my goal is NOT to weasel out of delivering on my promise on some bullsh*t technicality.


I WANT you to get faster. That is why I designed this course the way I did.


And I CAN (easily) tell the difference between 'getting stuff wrong' while trying to do it right… vs. 'putting in zero effort'. (I think anybody with a brain can also.)


So, if you do the former – you better believe I'm holding up my side of the deal.


But if you do the latter – it’s kinda your own damn fault, ya know?


So, if you’re not cool with that ☝️ or you think this rule is “too vague” or you don't trust me enough to know I’ll help you if you DO put in the effort – just don’t buy Speed Plateau Smasher and it’s all good.



But What If You STILL Don't Get Faster Even AFTER I've Trained You 1-1?


LOL, what even...


If you seriously suspect that 'might' happen, this means one of 2 things:


- you don't trust my skill as a teacher. (And if you STILL don't trust it after getting THIS FAR down this long page - not much else I can say to change your mind. Come back to me when you trust me.)


- and/or you don't trust in YOUR potential to smash through your speed plateau. And you MUST believe this BEFORE I or any other teacher can help you.


If either of those apply to you - you are NOT ready for this course. Period. You'll just waste your money and not get anywhere.


That being said:


If your speed doesn't improve even after an hour of me training you 1-1


… (i.e. which would only happen AFTER you already spent a week practicing what's inside Speed Plateau Smasher and sent me videos proving you've done so)…


You can ask me to either keep training you until your speed jumps (which I will - as promised) OR ask me for a refund (but then I stop training you).


I cannot imagine it ever coming to that, but if it does – no problem. I’ll give you back every penny if I have to.


(Note: you can ONLY ask me for a refund AFTER I trained you 1-1, not at any point before.)


As you can see...


You Are Protected All The Way Around.


Best case: you get faster exactly the way I promise.


Or “worst” case: you get free coaching (and a free course) from me.


If you put in the work, there is no risk to you.


But... you do have to put skin in the game.


Here is what I mean:


If Speed Plateau Smasher Makes You Faster The Way I Say It Will – It’s Gonna Set You Back $850 (One-Off Payment)… *For Now*.



I say “for now”, because even while writing this very page I was strongly considering pricing it at a cool $1000.


Which some people have found positively appalling.


But at the last minute I decided to launch the course for a bit less.




Well, quite obviously, it's because I have no spine and bend to the will of my trolls, like ☝️ that guy above - duh!


Lol, no.


I simply want to reward my most loyal readers and fast action takers. That's why I'm keeping the price down... for awhile.




I have EVERY INTENTION of bumping the price WAY up in the future. All the way to $1k and possibly even beyond.


(Same way I already bumped up my Technique Cleanser course from $200 to $350. Same way I bumped the price on my Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training from $67/month to $77/month. Same way I bumped The Supreme Guide To Scales Mastery For Electric Guitar from $47 - $67.)


And besides:


The info in Speed Plateau Smasher is the most valuable guitar playing knowledge I possess.


Hence – the high price tag.


(Plus: if I promised to solve a lifelong problem in your playing for the price of a McDonald’s Happy Meal – would you even believe me?)


That said, despite the big investment…


Your decision to buy Speed Plateau Smasher (or not) is a simple one.


Because if you’re reading this page, you probably already spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours trying to build your speed.


Which means…


As long as you’re willing to do another measly 8 hours of practice …


You’re NOT Buying A “Course” On ‘How To Play Fast’. You’re Buying More Guitar Speed.


Since, if you put in the effort and DON’T smash your speed plateau…


You. Don’t. Pay. A Penny.


Not for the course (since I will refund you *if* it comes to that).


Nor for the time I spent training you 1-1 (since I won't charge you for it).


So, simply ask yourself:


Can You Comfortably Afford To Pay $850 And Do 8 Hours Of Work To Play Guitar At Least 20% Faster 1 Week From Now?


And if your answer isn’t an immediate “hell yes!” – for any reason – then don’t buy it.


Otherwise, no pressure & no worries.


Feel free to go back to YouTube.


Watch all the free videos there to your heart’s content.


Or find some local guy to teach you how to play fast for $40 an hour.


If that works for you and you smash your speed plateau that way – WONDERFUL.


Pop the champagne and pat yourself on the back on the money well-saved.


Speed Plateau Smasher Is For Guitar Players Who Already TRIED All That ☝️ Stuff And Have Gotten Pretty Damn Sick & Tired Of:


- being stuck at the same speed for years, despite trying like hell to improve.


- trying to make sense of self-contradicting crap everyone tells you about speed.


- hearing patronizing advice to “just keep at it”.


Who understand why a $850 price is actually a freaking STEAL for a lifetime of guitar gains...


… considering I spent 20+ years, tens of thousands of hours and tens of thousands of my own dollars to create a nearly done-for-you system you can just buy for a few hundred bucks, work with for a week and get faster - like clockwork.


And who get that - as self-serving as it sounds – the more you pay for something, the more likely you are to USE it.


And that I wouldn't be dumb enough to guarantee I’d teach you 1-1 if I wasn’t sure what I have actually works.


So, if that’s ☝️ you and playing guitar fast for you is a MUST-HAVE vs. a “nice-to-have”, then listen:


It's About Time You STOP Envying Fast Guitar Players... And Become One Of Them Yourself.


And Speed Plateau Smasher can show you how.


I promise: if you just do what I say – it ain’t that hard.


So, by this time next week…


… there is a VERY good chance you could be watching videos of your own playing on repeat… your hands shaking… hardly daring to believe it’s really YOU playing…


… or you could still be watching your favorite shredders play on YouTube and Instagram, wishing to trade anything for even an ounce of their “talent”.


What’s it gonna be?


Let's SMASH My Damn Speed Plateau!

Got Questions?


Should I buy Speed Plateau Smasher if I'm a student in Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training (RFGPT)?


That depends.


Speed Plateau Smasher is all new.


And unless you regularly come to every AMA session and unless you regularly schedule 1-1 sessions with me, you won’t learn this stuff in RFGPT.


So, if you like the way I teach, if you want to learn everything you can from me and you can comfortably afford it – buy it.


You WILL learn a lot and it WILL help you – no doubt about that.


Plus: if you teach guitar (or plan to) – it will be especially valuable to you.


Because you can use the process I lay out in the course to help *your* students improve faster and put other guitar teachers in your area to shame.


But if you are on a very tight budget – don’t buy it. Stick with Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. Come to my AMA sessions and schedule 1-1 sessions with me (they are included with your membership!) to get help with speed from me.


How advanced do I need to be to benefit from Speed Plateau Smasher?


If you can play 16th notes in time to a metronome (at any tempo) and can measure your top speed with a lick – you are advanced enough. But also, see below.


Can I see a more detailed preview of what’s INSIDE Speed Plateau Smasher?




Here is a silent screen recording of me scrolling through the exact videos you’ll see in the members area when you buy this course:



This all sounds good, but how do I know you’ll REALLY honor your so-called “guarantee” and won’t just take my money and disappear if the course doesn't work?


LOL. If you are asking this - you don't deserve this course. Go home. Next!



What if I already play pretty fast and just want to get faster still? Will this course help me?


LOL. If you are asking this - you don't deserve this course. Go home. Next!


Oops. Sorry. ☝️ Totally forgot to delete the answer to the previous question. My bad.


Real talk: email me a 1-minute video of your playing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help you decide if this course is a good fit.


(Don’t worry, I have ZERO intention of convincing you to buy if I don’t think this course will help you. I’d rather talk you OUT of buying than disappoint you.)


What if I have a hand injury? Will this help me play faster?


See previous answer. (The "Real-talk" part, lol.)


What if I have other questions?


Email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's talk.


Otherwise, here is where to order:


Let's SMASH My Damn Speed Plateau!


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