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Why Your Fingers Move Slowly When You Try Play Guitar Fast And 4 Things You Can Do To Play Faster Today

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If you want to play guitar fast, you better watch the movie Forrest Gump.

Because I think Forrest Gump has a powerful guitar speed lesson “baked” into its plot. 

I'm talking about where Forrest tries to outrun kids throwing rocks at him, while wearing leg braces.

At first, he can barely move. 

But when the braces suddenly snap - voila! He instantly runs faster than he ever thought he could. 

Here is what this has to do with your guitar speed:

If you aren’t playing guitar as fast as you want, it ain’t got a thing to do with “how fast your fingers move”. 

Because your fingers can already move really fat. 

Your problem is: you’ve got your set of leg… er… I mean: finger braces. 

In Guitar-Genius-Speak:

These are “guitar speed impediments” that block you from unleashing…

Your “Forrest Gump levels” of guitar speed.

Spot and destroy these “speed braces” and you’ll have as much guitar speed as you damn well want. 

In this week’s video I show you the top 4 impediments of guitar speed I’ve seen hundreds of times over almost 20 years of playing guitar & helping guitarists with practicing. 

(As well as how to fix each one.)

And instead of practicing to build speed, your guitar practice should be about:

Undoing & releasing these obstacles, one at a time, so your guitar speed gets unleashed.

It starts with:

1. Understanding proper guitar technique bio-mechanics

Guitar speed is a result of efficient technique you program into your muscle memory. But do you know exactly what "efficient" guitar technique looks and feels like? That's what you have to find in this step.

2. Careful observation & diagnosis of your playing today.

This is where you get an expert guitar teacher (or a guitar practice trainer, like yours truly) to analyze your guitar technique & guitar practice habits and take inventory of what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.

3. Finding "the gap" between where your technique is today and where it should be.

This is where you zero in on the exact adjustments to make in your guitar technique, so you can play guitar as fast as your heart desires.

4. Practicing to close the gap and refine your technique a little bit each day.

The good news is: you don't have to practice guitar for hours each day. 30 minutes per day will do. Consistency of your guitar practice is way more important than how much you practice.

Simple enough, right? 

Now that you know "what" to do... 

...the video at the top of this page, shows you how to do it.

Check it out & enjoy!

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