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STOP Practicing Guitar Technique Exercises (Do This First)

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Unhappy with your guitar playing? Your practice habits probably suck. Don't take it personally. Just bring your guitar playing to me for some "Guitar Genius" Tender Love & Care and I'll help you fix it. 

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This video show you why most guitar exercises are about as useless as a chocolate teapot when you use them to improve your technique.

And it ain’t got a thing to do with your natural talent, bad habits, age, finger size/shape, hair color, eye color, bench press PR or IQ number. 

It has everything to do with understanding the “2 phases” of Guitar Genius practice. 

In Phase 1, no exercise in the world will help you. 

But in Phase 2, you get to be the Jack Bauer, John Wick, Jason Bourne, John Rambo and John Matrix of guitar…

… where any useless lick someone shows you can become a deadly weapon make you a better guitar player.

Most guitarists try to skip Phase 1 and jump right into Phase 2. 

Aaand that only works if you bathed in the cistern of natural talent water as a kid.

For the rest of us – guitar playing mortals – we gotta balance Phase 1 and Phase 2 practice for them Guitar Genius Gainzzz…

And all of starts with knowing what the heck the 2 phases even are and how they work.

That’s where my video can help.

Check it out & enjoy.

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