Paul Gilbert

How Paul Gilbert Picks So Fast & Stays So Relaxed

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This video breaks down some of Paul Gilbert's technique and shows you how he plays so fast, while staying so relaxed.

- How he shreds with eye-popping pick attack, while staying as relaxed as a couch potato in a Lazy Boy recliner (Revealed at: 2:17) - The “elbow wiggle” test for excess muscle tension he sneakily teases in his Intense Rock II tape (he never talks about it, but it’s all over that video). Revealed at: 2:56 - How to warm up to “trick” your hands into having stupidly tight 2-hand synchronization. (Do this right and playing out of sync becomes physically impossible.) Revealed at: 5:01 - 3 things he does I don't think anyone should copy. These things work well for Paul Gilbert, but aren't likely to work for most people.

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