Why slow guitar practice doesn't work

Why Slow Guitar Practice Isn't Making You Better And What You Can Do To Change This Today

Check out the video below:


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This may be the most important guitar practice video I ever released.

And it may be bad news if you ever practice guitar slowly.

Because in it, I (verbally) blowtorch the most sacred of all guitar practice cows...


The Belief That “Slow Practice” Is The Genie’s Magical Lamp Of Guitar.

(i.e. if you practice slowly enough for long enough – your problems will just go away.)

Hah! You wish.

I show you how slow practice is often to blame for your guitar playing "F**K IT!" moments

All thanks to the 3 slow practice "traps" I talk about in the video.

For example:

Did you know it's possible to practice guitar "too" slowly?

Well, it is.

And if you do - you are flushing perfectly good practice time down the toilet.

Because many of your guitar playing mistakes disappear when you slow down. (See the video for more details.)

What you need is to find the "threshold" of control where your problems first begin to appear. Then practice at that threshold to make the problems go away. (I show you how in the video).


Some problems do need ultra slow practice. But if you practice your guitar as "slowly" as many guitar teachers demonstrate on YouTube and in instructional videos - you are pretty much doomed.

Either way - there are a ton of myths floating around about slow guitar practice. And if you practice slowly but aren't seeing the results you were hoping for - this video shows why.

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