Smasher Guarantee


There Are NO "CHANGE-OF-MIND" REFUNDS On Speed Plateau Smasher!


If you are not 100% sure you want it - don't buy it. Simple.




I DO guarantee that your guitar speed (with any lick of your choice) will jump at least 20% within 1 week of you going through the course.


Here is what "going through the course" means:


1. You need to watch the ENTIRE course.

It’s about 4 hours long (without my guitar practice demonstrations). With them - about 5.5 hours. If you watch at 1.5x-2x speed, it'll obviously go faster. (Although, if I were you - I'd watch it *at least* twice before starting to practice.)


2. You need to send me a video of the lick you want to speed up.

This is so I can do the "Done-FOR-YOU" guitar practice on it and spot your micro flaws (as described here). You can film this with your smartphone (NO special gear, cameras or editing needed - NONE). This video will likely be 1-2 minutes long.


3. You need to send me 8 more videos *at least* 15 minutes each, where you simply follow the process I lay out in the course.

Just turn on your phone camera and go for it.


All told – your time commitment (spread out over the course of 1 week) is about 8 hours in total.


(Note: you don’t need to do all that ☝️ ‘within 1 week’ of buying the course. You can do it whenever you want. Can be 1 week after you bought it – can be 5 years after. Doesn't matter to me. As long as you ‘practice’ what’s in the course during one 7-day stretch – it’ll work just the same.) The guarantee doesn't expire.


If you do the above and haven't gotten at least 20% faster...


I’ll Jump On Zoom With You 1-1 For Free And Train You As Long As It Takes Until Your Speed Jumps By At Least 20%.


If your speed doesn't improve even after an hour of me training you 1-1 …


... then you have a choice.


You can ask me to either keep training you until your speed jumps by 20% (which I will - as promised) OR ask me for a full refund... and I stop training you.


(Note: you can ONLY ask me for a refund AFTER I trained you 1-1 for 1 hour, not at any point before.)


So, if you USE the course and don't get faster... you're FIRST entitled to free 1-1 coaching from me. And if I fail to help you GET faster *after* you use the course - THEN you're entitled to a refund.


But if YOU don't use the course, you ain't getting 1-1 training from me. Nor are you getting any refund.


Also note:


If I See From Your Videos That Your Practicing Looks NOTHING Like What I Teach In The Course - You Ain’t Getting 1-1 Training.


That ☝️ will be determined at MY discretion.




… I’ll send you back for another week of practicing until your (new) videos show you at least tried to do what I tell you.


Don’t worry – my goal is NOT to weasel out of delivering on my promise on some bullsh*t technicality.


I WANT you to get faster. That is why I designed this course the way I did.


And I CAN (easily) tell the difference between 'getting stuff wrong' while trying to do it right… vs. 'putting in zero effort'. (I think anybody with a brain can also.)


So, if you do the former – you better believe I'm holding up my side of the deal.


But if you do the latter – it’s kinda your own damn fault, ya know?


So, if you’re not cool with that ☝️ or you think this rule is “too vague” or you don't trust my integrity to know I’ll help you if you DO put in the effort – just don’t buy Speed Plateau Smasher and it’s all good.


Otherwise, go here to order.

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